If You Wish To Run, You'll Need This: Pre-Update


The file doesn’t even exist. I tried extracting it from episodic gcf, but nothing has been fixed. Why is that?!


Got It working already. Changed the Language to Default in rev.ini

EDIT: The game loads up, but the textures are messed up, and I have super fast shotgun… Any Idea how to fix that?
And the Console shot:


Meh. Game doesn’t need to be perfect to run. :smiley:


Running with super fast shotgun and wireframe walls is unfair :d


The wireframe is just missing textures, try and manually extract the missing textures from the GCF files (They might be in the base source engine, episodic shared, half-life 2 or episode 2 GCF files)


Darwin is now at the same stage as Exec. Success!

We’re working on getting it to fully working preupdate.


Darwin is re-installing Windows? :d


He’s at wireframe and fucked up models.


Yeah I finally got it to work! But as inex said, I’m at the same level of fucked up as you are.

Typical rared down all the gcfs yesterday, dunno if he uploaded them too or if he’ll do it today. I hade to go to bed so I don’t really know.


Compressed the files are just under 4g and dropbox hosting space is only 2.3g.

I’ll happily host them individually but when I get more time (end of semester) as I can imagine it taking a few days overall to get them all to you.


Re-installed windows. Guess what?



Download a new video card.


Alright, I will try it one more time. Hopefully it will work now, since I got some new shit for my PC.


I hereby advertise a bounty to any man or woman who finish this project.
Segmented, scripts allowed, sub 44:30, 80€.


01: 2 minutes with that clip through floor glitch?
01a: Dont see how this could go under 1 minute.
02: 40 seconds at least.
05: A good one would probably be 1:30?
06: 2 minutes
06a: 30 seconds, rounded down.
07: 40 seconds.
08: Gonna give this 2 minutes.
09: 2 minutes
10: 1 minute
10a: 4 minutes, cutscene
11: cutscene, 6 minutes
11a: 1:20
11b: cutscene, 8 minutes
12: Striderbattle, segmented could get sub-9. Gonna write 8:00 ffs
12a: cutscene, 6 minutes


Have my doubts on 44:30, but by all means, we should go for it.


8min 8min 6min 6min … I wouldn’t lose hope until you got more accurate estimates.


I already rounded these numbers down.

Giving more accurate estimations would probably mean the 8 and 6 minute estimations would go up, rather than down.

Segmentation can work wonders so my estimations of those segments might still be too high, despite me having rounded it down crazily already.

I remain with my 46-47 minute estimation.


I just uploaded another preupdate version. It uses the up-to-date GCFs from Steam, but replaces the client and server.dll with those in which clipping through the texture in outland_01a was still possible. I extracted all files from the old GCF files which were necessary to fix texture, animation, scripting errors, etc. The whole thing boils down to 267 MB worth of data which comes in a 54 MB compressed archive. Took me quite a while to figure out just which files were still needed, but I think I’ve got it. Hopefully, this will finally allow those of you who had problems with the old version to run the game.

There’s a good chance that there are still situations where textures or the like are missing, especially in places that are irrelevant for the run as we skip them (for instance ep2_outland_03 and ep2_outland_04). If you find any such places let me know and I’ll try to fix them.

In the folder there is a file called rev.ini which defines a value called CachePath that you need to change according to your system, making it point to the folder containing Steam’s GCF files. Steam mustn’t run in the background if you plan to use this version. Alongside the ini-file there is a batch script that starts EP2 for you. Finally, I suggest that you back up the current GCF files and point the ini-script to this backup to avoid future Steam updates from breaking the game again.



Thank you SO much for making this. Finally I will be able to join you guys! I

I’ll download and try this tomorrow, I hope it’s going to work fingers crossed.


Yay, it’s working!

Where can I haz the saves?