Me and typical have decided to do a TSA run of hl2. This is just a side project we’re both doing. Any thoughts?


No. No thoughts.


We have finished this run. Thank you all for your contribution./trollAnyways we’re gonna start this really soon, we won’t post new topics for each map itself, just each chapter and have the maps inside that topic.


Heheh. Will be running on hard and will BEAT every time that hl2dq got.


I expect a sub 1 min run. GL !!


Typical already estimates 30 minutes deduced.


I do?


You do.


I’m actually amazed at how good the HL2DQ team were at finding shortcuts in HL2. They were incredibly through in comparison to Ep1. Then again Suga was technically on his own. :wink:


I would love to help on this TSA run in whatever way possible. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to compete on the same level when it comes to actually running it, though I’d be willing to give each map my best shot. I could explore and test all sorts of creative routes and make sure the TSA run is using the fastest possible routes. I also have some basic audio and video editing experience from putting together my crowbar-only speed run of hl2, so if needed I could probably take all the demo files of the TSA run and assemble it into a single video when its done.


Sure, but you’ll be the last person we’d allow in to help. The smaller the group, the better. Add me to steam, CptCool4.


Any input about route or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. The crowbar only run was pretty good by the way. :wink:


Thanks typical :).Here’s a thought/observation:Playing at a time scale of 0.2 makes dialog scenes, “waiting” scenes, and each map overall much longer to run, so I’m open to the concept of segmenting this TSA speed run more than hl2dq or other speed runs of hl2.For example of what I’m talking about: In hl2dq the first map takes a time of 2m:40s to complete at normal timescale. So at an 0.2 time scale, it takes about 13m:20s to complete an attempt for the map (assuming we manage to teleport the NPCs perfectly), which means it takes about an hour to get just 4 full attempts in. I’ve tried changing the time scale part way through the run (so the initial train part and the later dialog part with Barney are played through at normal speed), but that also alters the demo playback speed (even when I also set demo_timescale correctly).So I think we could split the first map, and many other “long” maps, into a few extra parts. Perhaps part 1 of the first map could end right when the train doors begin opening (so we don’t need to wait 3 minutes riding the train each time), part 2 could end when the combine soldier opens the door to the hallway, and part 3 could be the rest of d1_trainstation_01.Segmenting at well-defined points like doorways makes it easier and more fun to run, but also will probably make the video of the final run less smooth at the transition points from one segment to the next, so there is a trade-off. I’m interested in hearing your and CptCool’s thoughts about what we should do.


Since the timescale switching while recording seems to screw up the playback I figure that we should make a segment for each time we change the timescale. For example: in big open area’s I usually use 0.7 while in tiny finicky area’s I use 0.1! As for cut-scene’s. It’s much easier to teleport npc’s everywhere when viewing them slowly as you can see exactly when they start moving and therefore teleport them very successfully.


alias time “host_timescale 1; wait; time”; timePut that command into the console. It’ll keep timescale at 1 constantly no matter what. I’m pretty sure it works for the demos. If not, replace host_timescale with demo_timescale.If you want to change timescale again, use the command:alias time “”


Thank you very much for the fix. Now we won’t have to segment as much/ at all for most maps.


This is a terrible idea. This is essentially taking a huge shit on a project that we spent over a year making. Thanks guys. Way to carry the banner."Heheh. Will be running on hard and will BEAT every time that hl2dq got."Wow some achievement. Just go ahead and post a cheated video that beats our times by a few seconds thanks to timescale. vomit Oh, and we ALREADY RAN ON HARD.


If this really makes you this upset, then we just won’t do this, alright? Don’t want to piss anyone off.


Alright fair enough…Just thought it would be entertaining I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t really think about the elimination of the previous run. Still that’s what this thread is about. Seeing what people think to one being done.


Look I’m sorry for blowing up. I’m home with my parents for the holidays and that always makes me sortve cranky. All I know is I see a comment on youtube from someone who is obviously a part of the new team, saying that “all this stuff ain’t that hard” or something to that effect. So this annoys me but I’m not pissed off, and I go and look up if this guy even is a real runner on the new team or just a forum member.Then I find this topic where the same guy is talking about making a TAS of our run and “beating our times” etc. THIS is what pissed me off. We spent hours and hours and days and days (more time then I would confess in real life at this point) trying to master the game and do runs as perfectly as we could, in as little segments as we could. Even though in the real world this achievement amounts to a hill of beans, I am still pretty proud of how close we came to making this look TAS like already.A TAS of a speedrun that had this amount of care put into it is like a slap in the face. Most speedrunners don’t like TAS’s of the games they run, and the few that do are usually the people that use it to find shortcuts for them. This is like the exact opposite. This is, to my knowledge for the MOST part of the run, using shortcuts that a real speedrun already found, and just using timescale to make it look like you did better. Sure you’ll slap on the description on youtube or wherever you post it that it’s a “TAS” or you used “timescale” but nobody reads that crap. There are still tons of people that comment on the current vids saying “well done spiderwaffle!” even though on his description it clearly references a team.I figured that eventually somebody would go and try this. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it as you can tell. Honestly I still think it’s a bad idea and appreciate how well you took my immediate reaction. I feel like an ass that’s for sure, but I would still appreciate it if you left this TAS project aside. It will only make hl2 speedrunning look bad if it looks like it can be cheated, and it will not be a good thing for your current run either. Focus on that, I haven’t seen demos because I don’t have steam on this computer but I am looking forward to the final video. P.S. For the record, even if somebody ever does try to tackle our current time legit, I still really hope they do so because they found new revolutionary shortcuts and not just to slice off seconds from each level. I suppose that’s legit but it seems cheap to me to pretty much copy the run and slap your names on the finished product.