HL2:EP1 New Engine Rerun


There has been a new engine run for episode one in the works for quite a while now, but after the discovery of some new clipping routes, movement tech and other developments, we have decided to restart the run.

We are currently on the second map. The last two maps are also done and might be spliced in.



unoffical time sheet


If you wanna update the official one, we can use that. Just using this because it has accurate times.


Can anyone enter this? Because I don’t know the routes or anything…


We’ve got plenty of people actively running doing segments already, sorry.

oh no


Oh yes*


Rip all my 54 segments.


But I am in and I also have no clue what’s going on. :^)


Can’t wait to see this with all that wacky oob shiz :smiley:


Who was the guy who got banned while doing this?




In the rules it said that a speedrunner that had a bad attitude or something had been banned?
I dunnnuh


Oh one of the runners from HL2DQ got banned apparently. That’s a really old run of a different game which has nothing to do with this one.


Max]i[mus-X, bitched and whined and moaned about the the new Half Life 2 Done Quicker run (dwahmov too) using “too many segments” and how “Done Quick was a REAL speedrun” also “anyone can make a speedrun that’s made up of 2 second segments”. He also said something along the lines of loading a save “enters a different game” or something stupid like that.

“I was playing Half Life but when I loaded my quicksave I ended up in Super Mario World, it was crazy!” -WindedCone


“world’s best, left-handed, arrow speedrunner.”
Laughing my ass off right now


Hi there, I would love to help. I know that you already said that there are enough runners, but I feel that even doing 1 segment will help me get established here in the SourceRuns community. I am a good speedrunner and know most of the tricks. I do have a Skype if needed. Thanks!


hey awkwardgamer, check your pms


So you’re restarting EP1 with an ABH? I have a possible segment for you.

And yes, I’m a total newfag so please, don’t crap so much if that’s too noobic or already done like this.


That’s a pretty old strat, but don’t feel discouraged to keep practicing and looking for new routes!


Ah, I remember when I uploaded a similar video. :–)
Time flies by fast.