HL2:EP1 New Engine Rerun


Hey so this run is still around.

We’ve finished citadel_01, 02, 02b and 03 since I last posted with 18.36, 55.95, 59.73, and 242.43 seconds saved respectively. Currently 12 minutes 32.265 seconds ahead of EP1DQ and 5/14 maps completed.

Timesheet link again:


Wow, christ. That’s amazing.


Can’t tell if this run has been dead for a year or if they just can’t be bothered to put the active spreadsheet in the description of the trailer


Quick update: We’ve just overcome a major roadblock and are making progress again. This run will happen. I promise. The previous spreadsheet link is still good for anyone following our progress.


I think using prop clipping/save delete or other new tricks make 2 different categories for speedruning and it is can be intresting to do half-life 2 episode one new engine inbounds run. The only reason, that can make it not intresting, that episode one have more cutscenes and fights, unscippable without prop clip and timesave from hl2ep1dq can be not very much even with ABH. I’m sure that more people thought about that. So will SourceRuns do it? Or also hl2ep2 and hl2 old engine inbounds runs?
Just for me, playing with prop clips, make you feeling like it isn’t legend half-life 2, like it was in old runs, even in dwahmov.
So, think about it, somebody.


It’s true that prop clipping and save deletion take away a lot of the novelty of runs like DWaHMoV. But at the same time, it also offers much more interesting routes for skipping sections of the game.
I think that the run being “Inbounds” doesn’t necessarily help the problems you’re mentioning very much, because it’s still possible to do both glitches to skip parts of the game. There is indeed a no propclip and no save deletion category for Half-Life 2 on speedrun.com, however.
The main thing that’s important to understand is that making segmented runs takes a lot of time and effort, especially for a game the length of Half-Life 2. A segmented run like what you’re describing is unlikely to happen, since most runners who are willing to put in the effort to make one would probably like to reduce the time spent making the run so they don’t have to spend time grinding on a usually daily basis for almost 2 years, like what happened with DWaHMoV. TASing takes even more time and effort, so it’s unlikely to happen that way either.
SourceRuns doesn’t decide as an organisation what to make runs of based on what people want to see; rather, the runners decide what they feel like working on at any given time and if any result of this meets SourceRuns standards, it gets uploaded.