hl2 done portal unpack release. NOW WITH A POLL/TUTORIALS!


Ok. Don’t mention missing textures from Eli, or c17. We’re well aware of those. And I think that’s about it. There are a LOT of places you can shoot that crash the game but we’re not going to be able to fix them all as that would require thuroughly editing the maps.


Alright. I’ll make a note on that. But I am curious, which maps crash the game if you shoot? I do not believe I’ve heard this before nor it ever happening to me. ???


There’s one in Eli 02, and one on the last canals map that are both quite obvious but they’re really specific spots that you have to shoot. The whole game is crash central


OK. I may have seen the Eli_02 one before. If they are in specific spots then while speed-running these maps we can find other routes. So it shouldn’t matter, right?



On the topic of routes I intend to start releasing videos of strats tonight. 1 video per level unless it’s a two level strat.


Sweet. I can’t wait to see them.


Wonderful. Expect a LOT of save glitches


If anybody is having trouble with d3_breen_01, (No portalgun, or softlocking right before the end of the game) delete your old d3_breen_01 BSP and LMP and use this:


This is on the current unpack. If you have the old one fresh install


I figured out why it kept softlocking. If Alyx steps into the elevator before you obtain the gravity gun from Breen, the game will softlock. Just be sure to get the gravity gun before she reaches the elevator.


Gotta go fast.