hl2 done portal unpack release. NOW WITH A POLL/TUTORIALS!


I want players to have the gun before the doors on the train open. I have a pretty sick set of save glitches I use to get clear to Barney and the hev that I couldn’t do if I had to wait till I meet Barney. Also, you’d have to hit the global damage trigger to get the hev and you couldn’t do baby clip because save deletion doesn’t work nearly as well on the portal engine. And not hitting the damage trigger is a wonderful part of hl2doneportal

I have a trigger set up at the very end of the train ride that gives you the gun before the doors open. Note that map isn’t in the unpack, and won’t be till I fix the other problem map. sighs c17 is pissing me off.


If you had barney give you the portalgun you wouldn’t be able to skip Red Letter Day which is the most the satisfying part of the run imo.


When it had been run before the gun was given to you on the train. You could run inbounds and not skip red letter day…

Thisblue on twitch had gotten the gun at the start. But the fixed files no longer exist. So I have to redo it. And instead of releasing just the fixed files I want to release it as it’s own unpack. Why only go half way?


You could make it a source mod for rather than repackaging ALL the HL2 and Portal textures, sounds, models, etc.


I’ll look into it. I’ll see what all I can remove. I like the unpack format over the format of mods. And I don’t want people to already require unpack to be able to play it. I’ll put out a beta build as soon as I have everything functioning then I’ll slowly slim down the size of it.


I’ll make a source mod of it for those who don’t want to download 3GB of duplicate game file when you’re finished with the normal unpack.


Ok thanks. That will help others out immensely


editing the chapter config didnt work. alas. so its back to editing the map. or setting it up so that the chapters config runs a save.
that is also a possibility


i did the above, and it works now. chapter one just loads the save hl2start (which is now at the beginning of the intro video). there is another save at the end which is called vault for those who use the vault save on portal.


Updated the main post to include information about the help i require. Any and all mappers helping out with this would be wonderful.

ITS BEEN FIXED! the link will be updated in 3-4 hours once its done uploading (got that walmart internet). The full game is now runnable without use of commands or anything. dont start the game using the map command, as that wont get you the portalgun. start it from the chapter selection or from the vault save. other than that, once its done you’ll be free to enjoy its buggy goodness.


Shoutout to bitrain, YaLTeR, PCow, and traderain, it is now fully functional. Enjoy.


I didn’t do anything, but ok.


Just thought you’d want to know


Thank you. Once I have time I will try it out.


Breen01 is mildly broken as you never get the portal gun back, but it will be fixed soon


Lucky me. I managed to login on here at my school (it should’ve blocked it, but whatever).

I downloaded this and I have to say that it is actually awesome. However, I’m not sure why, but the sounds for the portals (all of them, including entry-exit, placement, etc) and the portalgun itself don’t make any noise. No errors pop up in the console (even when Developer is on). To me it seems to be a sound script issue. Is that going to be fixed eventually? Also, do npcs (the ones that can use guns) shoot correctly now? I didn’t have enough time to check this because it took me all night to download this from MEGA. I’ve found a mod on Moddb that actually fixed this problem, though. But I don’t want to replace files in case it would break it.


I don’t know about npc’s but I intend to fix the sound issue. In a speedrun most of the NPC’s are ignored so we’ll have to see about that. Im not sure exactly where to go for the sound problem but do you think you could link me the mod that fixes the NPC shooting in case it doesn’t work in unpack?


This is the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/portal-source-sdk-edition/downloads/portal-sdk-example-half-life-2-with-portalgun It was created with leaked source code of portal’s sdk along side sdk base 2013 singleplayer (beta) to function. It fixes both issues I’ve stated before, but there is only one downside to this mod, and that is when you crouch, you still move at what seems to be normal velocity (no sprinting). But aside from that it is pretty much working. It also works with spt. The description of the mod has a link to its source code. If you want to look at it, here it is: https://github.com/RaraFolf/Portal-SourceSDKEdition

Edit: I managed to fix the sound issues by copy&pasting some scripts from this mod to the unpack. I also just realized the portal gun’s particle effects are missing (shooting blue/orange don’t make the gun light up). Is that on purpose to fix the issue where the portal gun’s light would get glitched occasionally?


Yes, it’s to fix the glitch. Aside from that, do you think you could link me the scripts you used to fix it? I’ll release a patch tonight with the fixed audio if you send me it before 7pm Pacific time.


Done. I hope the npcs get fixed eventually.


OK, I actually discovered something while I loaded d3_breen_01 yesterday. After the cut-scene, for some reason a few sound files named under “sound/ambient/energy/NewSpark##.wav” are trying to be played, but are missing (mainly 01-11 I believe). These sounds are from Episode 2 (couldn’t find them anywhere else in Steam-pipe HL2). This issue can easily be fixed by just copying the files from Episode 2 to the unpack. this is only a minor thing, but I might as well post it here.

I might also go through the game and see if anything else, major or minor, needs to be fixed. If I find anything, I’ll probably report it here.