hl2 done portal unpack release. NOW WITH A POLL/TUTORIALS!



**Download link: **LINK!!!

new update: NOW ON SPEEDRUN!

Timing, loading, and playing info (please read if you actually intend to run this, and not just dick around):
-Read the rules for the speedrun page.-

Goals include:

[ul][li]chapters line up with hl2 (no portal maps even in the games files) pretty much done with this. [/li]
[li]most things unpack already has for portal (if not all) will add a save for speedrun_start then that will be done[/li]
[li]game launches with you having the portal gun. no use of tacky commands and things.[/li]
[li]fix the sound bug included with current hl2 done portal stuffs.[/li]
[li]fix the broken maps yalter is the real mvp :slight_smile: and shoutout to Kujoen for being a god with hammer[/li]
[li]POSSIBLY:create an auto updater that will launch it for you. Basically a custom launcher (id say 40% done)[/li][/ul]



Individual Videos:

Save Glitch Explanation Video (Full Detail And Functionality)



Canals-03 to 05
Canals-13 to Eli-02

Town-02 to Coast-01

Coast-02 to 05
Coast-07 to 10


C17-01 to 06
C17-07 to Citadel-01

Citadel-02 to Breen-01


Ye Olde Run

Thanks to PCOW:[spoiler]



Use those

Edit: Nevermind thats a 404. I would ask ThisBlue next time he is streaming because he made the map fixes.


okay, thanks mate.


If you can get your hands on it please share.


Will do my friend. And uh, same to you too.

i think i may submit it to speedrun.com as a portal category, and im going to try to get it into the resources section as its own unpack version as well. (as soon as i get a hold on it)


Thank you.


So I’ve had no progress because this blue hasn’t streamed in quite a while. Is there any way I could figure out the issue and remove it from the maps?

Changed the title to be relevant, and will now use this page to update my progress on everything. Please dont remove posts that aren’t relevant as they where at one point.


Try this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29178100/Fixed%20Maps.7z


Will shortly. will get back to you tomorrow. dont have much time.



have some more aesthetic things i want to do before i can release an unpack version of it but thank you so much. you’re the real mvp. (tbh i thought about messaging you and asking you about it, but decided i wouldnt bother you. you seemed like the person that would have the files but i wasnt sure.


I realised I’m in the hl2dpdq Dropbox and took the file from there


Makes sense.

I have a little more screwing around to do, mainly with chapter stuff, and I want to throw the first map into hammer (if I can) and throw in a portal gun at the start. If I can’t do that I’ll just add in a trigger that gives you it.

If worse comes to worse and I can’t even managed to do that I’ll make an official save that has the portal gun in it till I figure something else out.


New issue found. need help fixing. posted above.


I’m really not an expert in this sort of thing, but I believe UTIL_SetModel sets the model of an entity. In this case, the map is whining about func_brush. Again, I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but I would guess that the model of a func_brush is invalid or something. I would try decompiling the map and recompiling it in Hammer. Then look in the hammer logs.


I can’t get hammer to work. Do you think that you could give it a shot?


Does it work only with Steam or does it just launch whenever you ask it to?


It uses steam. Exactly like the other unpacks.

Update: got ahold of thisblue. He no longer has the maps. Told me to go speak to heplooner. Havnt had a chance yet. In the mean time I’ve gotten a close friend to toy around with c17-03 in hammer and see if he can fix it. Will build on this later.


I finally got a hand from someone who is willing to continue editing the maps until we get things to work. We came across a strange error on an edited C17-03 that only occurs by loading the map from c17-02. We believe we may have a work around for it but its going to take some time to find the time to fix it.

on the topic of d1-trainstation-01, currently we are working on making it so you start out with the portalgun. as soon as we get that working we’ll put out an update.

In the meantime, the save hl2start will load you at the end of the trainride WITH everything you need. i recommend setting speedrun_map to hl2start, or if you already use the vault save on portal, renaming the save vault.

lastly, this is a shoutout to yalter or another admin. Do you think that this page belongs in another forum? because im not entirely sure. Regardless, do you think it could be pinned in whatever forum it belongs to? Should it be in news with the other unpack releases?


For starting with the portalgun in trainstation you could try add:

sv_cheats 1 give weapon_portalgun upgrade_portalgun sv_cheats 0

to hl2/cfg/Chapter1.cfg

If you ever need to remove all weapons from the player except the portalgun have this command run wherever:

ent_create player_weaponstrip;ent_fire player_weaponstrip strip;sv_cheats 1;give weapon_portalgun;upgrade_portalgun;sv_cheats 0
(thx yalter)

Also, I can add it to the official unpacks topic if you want, I can give it a few more features like saying that you’re playing “Half Life 2: Portal %” under your Steam name and stuff like that.


The portalgun in the trainstation is being dealt with. I’m actually editing it into the maps files. On the topic of adding it to the official unpack topic, I’d prefer we wait until I have it all stable and things. At the moment there are a lot of issues with missing textures, animations not working, and c17-03 still has a few bugs that need to be buffed out. (Don’t worry, it is in progress)

On the topic of the game name thing, I think I’ve actually figured out how to do it. If I am incorrect and do need help, I’ll happily come to you for assistance. Thanks for the suggestions.


On the topic of removing all weapons but the portal gun, I’ll think about it for the early maps, as the run should only be done with the portal gun and gravity guns. But if people want to use other weapons why stop them? It is //HL2// done portal


Or you could have Barney give you the portalgun. I was once making Half Life: Source done portal and I stuck the portalgun in the HEV Suit chamber thing. (long lost and abandon project)