Half Life 2 Old Engine Rerun


Hello! due to glitches that have been found (or ones on new engine that can be adapted to work on OE)
I feel the need for a post to be made documenting all of the tricks and shit for OE for possible use in a Rerun
This will be updated if any are found (not alot at the moment but things like the d2_coast_03 skip are doable in OE)
c17_06a skip
trainstation_01 gate jump
d1_trainstation_06 triggerdelay NOTE: might not be usable due to all weapons being invisible forever
canals_03 skip
possible train skip
c17_10a triggerdelay
prison oob stuff
SPT for old Engine
Commands to remove jitter:
cl_interp .0015 (note things like elevator doors will be glitchy)
cl_interp_npcs .1 (prevents NPC’s from looking like shite)

[shadow=red,left]PHASE 2[/shadow]


Good idea, I’ll start looking for some trickjumps that can possibly save time.


trainstation_01 gate jump performed by Elgu


I’ll try and help you guys route and maybe with the run. Also I’d suggest doing the run on Easy for some sexy ass damage boosts.

Also Yalter made a autohop dll’s for OE. Just replace your current bin folder in your /hl2 folder with this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/77xustqoviejo72/bin.rar?dl=0


There’s some places in prison where you can go oob and potentially save a lot of time and if we had autopausing getting back inbounds would be super easy.


how does auto pausing help?


Those don’t have the consecutive frame jump protection, I wouldn’t recommend using it for actual attempts.


autopauseing helps with the segmenting
also for things like save glitch


Yeah, running on Easy is always faster in Source runs as you can fit in more damage boosts in 100/100 hpap


Since you go upwards when save/loading you have to go back inbounds from below the map which also means your save/loads will have to fight with gravity so autopausing would make it a lot easier to minimize the effects of gravity.


So I just found a d1_trainstation_06 triggerdelay
note: this video is not unoptimized, its a POF


There’s also this. Not sure if that only works in new engine, but it’s worth trying. You can maybe do a ceiling clip in trainstation_03 according to this thread.


I can confirm this working, got it accidentally during an SS attempt. (except my feet were stuck on the ground :frowning: )


Where can I download the old engine of HL2? I’d love to help with this run.


PM’d you.


Maybe we could use this to escape the train early


Maybe some useful stuff here…

The trick demonstrated at 1:11 can be used in most places to gain tons of speed.
More info: http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Prop_Boosting


town_05 jump, doable if we run on Easy.


I take it this is a teamrun?
Have you started yet?


If done on easy you could make use of grenade launches a lot, kinda like GoldSrc style, but in the HL2.

It’s probably not necessary on these parts of Coast, they’re just examples.