Half - Life 2 Gravity Gun only segmented run


quote=“Frantic, post:39, topic:2691” faster route: youtube

Breaks the one segment per map, but oh well.[/quote]
This is cool man!


Shame we can’t clip to the loadlevel trigger.


If you jump over this trigger the combine wont spawn so you wont be harrased while wallclimbing.


I could run cutscenes for you guys, their execution is some of my favorite.


The segmnets are public so feel free to contribute,


I will try for sub 6:30 on Red Letter


But we’re on canals_03 already.


Okay I can run Eli, and maybe a bit of Entanglement


Well, due to DQer there isn’t much progress with this run so you may have to wait a bit for cutscenes.


Hey, that gives me more time to practice, right :slight_smile:


I decided to try canals_03. I’ll add the demos to the Google Drive later.
Link (Includes demos and saves): http://puu.sh/nj9MF/8f758236c3.rar
Demo Info Time: 152.085

Before I end up redoing this, are we using scripts for the run?


yeah we are


sorry for flooding the drive

I finally got a time that I can be happy about. The files are on the drive.
Time: 119 (approx.)


Those who would like to participate please msg me on discord or leave a msg here and I will add you to the discord chanell.


A little update.
We restared the run and we are on d1_canals_05 now.
If anyone wants to help us hit me up on discord or here and I’ll add him/her to the channel.
We have a spreadsheet now too:


The run is nearly done and we have a release trailer:

Thanks to all the hard work after nearly 3 years the run might actually be done in a month or so.


We are happy to announce that Half-Life 2 - Gravity-Gun Only (GGO) is now finished. The final time is 48:24.42
We are about to start rendering the run. Stay tuned for more information. Timesheet - https://goo.gl/ldSiDq


hey is there a way were I can play the save?


Assuming you’re meaning to join in /try a segment, the run is finished, so no.


I was not up to date