Half - Life 2 Gravity Gun only segmented run


The current segment is pretty hard, I’ve tried to break the planks across the door but didn’t get anything, so do the RTA strat if you’re stuck.


Has there been any more segments completed in this run, and can people still help out? :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone can do segments.


Sorry for being kinda inactive but I have exams at the moment and don’t really have time to play sorry. Anyone can collaborate this is not a strict run if you can improve a segment post it for bitrain.


If I record in 1600x900 resolution will the playback also be 1600x900?
Also, should we do something like this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9i5l_ELRp_mcDZJc3oyMFVlYUU/view?usp=sharing


Don’t record footage, we just need demos and save files.


That link is broken. BitRain has a folder and as he said only .dam and .sav is needed.


Got trainstation_06 in under 16s, brought the bucket if you want to jump over the combine guards.


Nice. I always died from those planks :smiley:
(Under my name there is a little globe my steam is linked there :slight_smile: )


Nice, I’ll add those to the folder.


Finally got a time on canals_01 that I can be happy with.
Bit clumsy and you could save a couple more seconds in some places, but I wont be going for a faster time any time soon. :slight_smile:

Edit: Right, fixed the links, should work now.


Those files aren’t public yet.




Got canals_01a in 72.96. Gonna see if I can get the abh at the end aswell but here it is in the meantime:


Nah, moving on. d1_canals_02 in 11,91: Demo Save
Could be done faster but not going for WR or anything here.


Any help would be cool for the next part because its hardcore af.


I should try this out more, the drive folder is updated.


Here’s a route…
Not very fast but it gets you through the map. If you get lucky the manhack can clip through the gate pretty fast and you can just throw the barrel at him, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often. I also managed to break one of the planks by smashing a barrel against it, but haven’t been able to get it again yet.


(probably) faster route: youtube

Breaks the one segment per map, but oh well.


Well, In order to finish the run without the grav gun it would involve lots of clipping so it doesn’t matter anyway, cool route, I’ll try this later.