Half Life 2 Download link?


Hey, I’m new to the forums, but I was wondering if anyone could link me a full download of Half Life 2 with included ABH, or tell me what version ABH is on so I could try to find a prepatch or something, Thanks bye :smiley:


The version that we used for the run (And the one that will the demos) is here:

That version definitely has ABH, and I’m pretty sure that the current Steam version does too (But that also fixes a few other things used in the run).


Thanks alot, I’ll try that out! :slight_smile:


I can confirm, bought HL2 yesterday, and ABH is (thank god) still working.


btw, does anyone have a download for an ahk script to bhop on half life 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Mate, you have it as sticked thread, lol.

if state = U

Send, {Blind}{SPACE}

Put to Notepad, save as .ahk file.