Half-Life 2: Done Tricked

Hey all. internet back up. while I’ve been offline I’ve spent most of my time doing little tricks and stuff in HL2. Here are some of the better ones, I also am going to upload some tricks done by other runners. If you have any tricks to upload, give me the link, as it will be easier to put all the tricks in one post (i.e. this one) instead of having the links spread over 3 pages etc.By the way, my new nick is magzy , please use that for all runs etc. ======== magzy ========LoooongjumpMoving Platform JumpForceField JumpBurning Tree Jumpd3_c17_13 Done BackwardsHigh JumpExplosive Barrel-jumpWindow Jump======== Lonerville ========Aerial TransferSuper Turbo Up======== D-Sailor ========Bridge Run======== o40 ========StuckJump 1StuckJump 2======== Maximus-X ========SMG Nade JumpHelicopter Jump======== Hlook ========Leapfrog Grav-JumpingRadiator JumpsBig GravjumpGravJump on CrateBack GravJump======== suga ========Backwards Mine JumpGren JumpMatrix Alyx======== Chib ========Orb Jump-------------- Bloopers --------------1234567Any feedback welcome, Thanks.

erm, the demos seem to crash Hl2. is any1 else experiencing this?

Back at school I also have a demo where I “hammerjump” (omg I forget the name of the physics gun…) off the airboat and land on the moving helicopter on whatever the last canals level is. I was also working on one where I would boost off of the airboat, land on top of the giant smokestack on the canal level with the giant smokestack (think it is possible, ive gotten close), then jumping to the other one, and falling and entering the airboat just before I hit the ground, so without losing health ;o

That would be really leet, try and do it, and post link here and il add it under your name :smiley: .Can you watch those demos, or does it crash your HL2?

can som1 at least tell me if they are able to watch any of the demos?

all demos plays well at my latest hl2 through steam

All demos work on my HL2, however I haven’t updated it in some time. So it’s not up-to-date…Your demos were cool Cat/Magz, I like tricks!

kk cool. thanx guys. and thanks Dale, do some tricks and upload em, then gimme the link

it would be great if you’d do a movie with a good selection of those tricks… it’ll blow people away to see all that crazy sh*t :smiley:

which ones are best in peoples opinions? i like the burning tree one, moving platform, and looongjump. plus of course lonervilles, coz theyr outrageous B)

Are these done in HL2SP? I assume they are…In which case i’m gonna make some crazy ones -.-

huh? they were all done in HL2 Single Player yes. nearly all of mine use the smg-gren. its my trick W.O.C. atm :smiley:

Hey guys, is Lonerville back?- Gordon

yeah. Lonerville is gone, and I cant see him coming back any time soon.c’mon b5k, im still waiting for your tricks! :smiley:

I would be able to do a shitload of tricks, but im more of a DM player now. So I need the same grav gun, orbs and nades. The timing of the weapons are a little different.BTW, I havn’t seen much orb jumping here :- Gordon

Orb jumping aint as popular / effective in speed running. and tbh, stop dming, and start speed running again!

3 jumps in Nova Prospekt with the gravity gun :wink:First jump2nd jump3rd jump

rofl. they’re pretty cool, especially the one where the 2 radiators r still attached to the wall. Just putting links in the top post :rolleyes: .