Guess the map


Correct S.






Pretty sure the first one is c4a1d (in xen, with the two pillars that go up and down), still thinking about the 2nd.


Is the second one of those ‘bonus’ maps during On A Rail, that are way off in a remote location and there’s chance you don’t even visit them during a normal playthrough?


Freechip got it. The second one remains unsolved.

  1. Power Up intended route? The area where the grunts hold some sort of siege.


Hoooow can you guys even guess these? Fucking left-brainers :expressionless:


There is a right side, how to use it? :o

Incorrect, igge.


2 is c2a4b - Residue Processing water area, after the three green pool rooms.


Good job, sir.


The map is: T0A0A.


finally Correct!


More of those overviews, please 8)








1 is Questionable Ethics, Biodome top floor

  1. c1a4d, Blast Pit area with the long tunnel with ankle deep water.
  2. c3a1, first map of Forget About Freeman.
  3. c2a3a, Apprehension water tunnels and the area where the scientist gets eaten.

Thanks for doing these, great mind exercise!


Another easy-to-guess map:


don’t know the exact map name, but it’s hazard course as we can see the shooting range (top left)



Yeah, correct!