Guess the map


The secret area by a barnacle outside the Blast Pit center. :>


Answers to the unguessed HL2 ones from me:

3: d1_town_03 (I think, at least it’s the skippable one)
5: canals_13 (Inside the big red silo)
8: Citadel_03 , just after the elevator ride , first puzzle where you have to take an energy orb out of its tube to shut down the forcefield. Looking down.
9: Coast_10 , standing on the lighthouse and looking into the skybox hills.
B: canals_05




Happy guessing!


No, bro.


GCs is unfair, all the rooms look the same. lol


Btw S, B is d1_canals_07


Nope, it’s 05


That’s obviously what I meant, duh


This is an Apprehension map, where the Ichthyosaur eat the scientist (the one in this picture)
Right? :slight_smile:


Nope. It’s “We’ve Got Hostiles” just outside the first elevator.


Alright, since no one guessed the GMC map (I didnt know it either, but the rules dont say anything about it), I’ve made an easier picture for guessing.

Yes, S. You can have it, its done.

(drawn completely from memory!)




Lol, I love how the suit says S instead of L





The first map of We’ve Got Hostiles. (Scientist skip to the very left of the picture)


An easy one. :wink:


Correct S.



  1. The long elevator above green sludgy goo in Blast Pit, right before the tentacle monster. (easy)
  2. Very first map of HL1 (not including inbounds)