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I think we have to make plans for these things while we can.railingin the citaldel maps, we are basically flying all the time, and the railing lying on c17_08 is the most suited object for flying. so we must carry the railing throughout the late c17 maps if we use it for the citadel. but doesn’t it slow us down too much?here’s the google cache. Max, loner and LX discussed about this but it looks like they didn’t come to the conclusion. Ctrl+F “Jan 24 2005, 11:20 AM”.…%3D8%26t%3D1273mortarI think we better have three mortars when we are into c17_13 for the strider battle (it’s faster than rpg), so I looked through the rest of the maps until c17_13, but there is no mortar lying around on the way other than the one in c17_06b, and it seems the box in c17_11 is the only one that gives you three mortars. it’s possible I missed it so tell me if you find another one.if there is another thing we should plan, feel free to post it :slight_smile:

You don’t need to kill any striders on d3_c17_13, I know how to get past the level without killing one :PAs for d3_citadel_04, loner SAID we should be able to do the same things on a mailbox (found in d3_c17_13) as a pallet. If that’s true, we might want to do a super turbo up in citadel_04, although it would be VERY hard to accomplish. Even with a pallet it would be tough, and I’m not sure how it would look, or if it’s possible, with a mailbox. We might want to get somebody to start testing this hardcore.We know super turbo ups are possible, and I’ll provide a link to a demo a little later. What we need someone to do is to keep trying over and over with a mailbox, and maybe with a pallet first so they know how to get it.

Sure you can get past there, I decompiled the map and looked at it. It looked like you need to kill the guards down at the street for dog to do his script of making the hole. You the gaurds only spawn after the striders have been killed. Obviously you found a leak somewhere in the map. Please upload a demo.Thanks!

I took a barrel, a supply box and one of those blue things into the citadel. The problem was, it wouldn’t let me fly with fragments of the supply box or exploded bits of the barrel after I got past the point where your weaps get taken away. It would only allow me to fly with ‘unsmashed’ objects. :huh:Here’s a few demos of me taking the stuff in and flying with it:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/413665084/p2_…sts_zoption.rarAnyone else tested this?

You just need to hit a few triggers on the street, as well as the strider battle trigger and the end street trigger for it to work. I’ll upload a demo later.By the way Option, we know you can bring objects to citadel_04. What I’m saying is we need someone to test doing the rare “super turbo up” move that lonerville discovered. You can dowload it here:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1067085475/lo…er_turbo_up.rarYou need doxilys HL2 fix to view the demo though.EDIT: OMG, I can’t remember which triggers I hit, or in what order I hit them on d3_c17_13. I know I got it without killing a strider, but it looks like I’ll have to noclip around again until I find it. Hopefully I’ll remember to record next time I find it…IF I find it :/By the way Pincus, if I remember correctly, although I might not as I made a bunch of noclip run-throughs in that map, I thought I saw more than one guard body on the ground. As in, I had no-clipped around the main level (not for very long I don’t think), looked at the last street and saw Dog and Barney already waiting at the wall, with several dead guard bodies laying around. I know for a fact I didn’t kill one strider… Just a matter of finding what I did I guess o_OAnd Dark Devil, I’ve done it, so don’t say it’s impossible. Worst case situation is I noclipped past one of the first few triggers that you HAVE to pass, although I doubt it, as 1.) I’m fairly sure I went through them and 2.) I’ve tested not going through them and so far no results.

Yo, i have to go to work for most of the day, but i can try this stuff out later tonight. Im gonna at least watch these demos now so i can get an idea of what is needed to be done.

Well I managed to do it with noclip again and demo it, but I don’t think I used the same route as before. This exact route I don’t think is possible without noclip, but as it isn’t the route I took before, it probably isn’t the ONLY way. Not to mention, I’ve tried doing the same exact thing as shown in this demo, and so far couldn’t repeat it.Maybe this can provide clues as to how to trick the game into skipping the strider battle.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/545118834/d3_…striderskip.rar

Figured it out! You can do it without noclip (aka you can hit those triggers I skip in the beginning and it still works). You just have to hit the one trigger that I hit before I waited for awhile (on the last street). Then wait for a bit, then hit the one behind it. Wallah! :)2EZ!

Well we would just run out, fly over all the triggers, hit the one trigger, wait, then hit the other trigger, wait for the animations to play out (or teleport), then fall down the hole. Too bad it’s not going to be THAT huge of a skip, maybe 30-40 seconds or so.Here’s a better demo, it replaces the old one. I don’t think you have to wait this long for it to work though, we might be able to wait for less time than this.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1418225833/d3…striderskip.rarI wonder if there are any similar tricks possible on past or future levels?By the way, 2EZ just means “too easy”. I guess I just play too many online FPS games :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, that is the real script breaking :rolleyes: I don’t understand how it’s working though.haha yeah Dale. we’ll skip all the striders completely :stuck_out_tongue:

super turbo up will be very hard to replicate, we should start testing that asap.

Ive been trying to recam super_turbo_up.dem in the demo smoother, so that its easier to see where the board is in relation to lonerville. It works, but when I come to save it to super_turbo_up_smooth.dem, it outputs a 163MB file which doesn’t seem to be playable, so I can’t upload it. Maybe its a problem with the old version. Anyone else tried?Anyway, if you go into the demo smoother and load the demo, you can step through it whilst in ‘drive mode’. It looks like the board is pretty much vertical when it provides the huge upwards boost.Screenshots-

Yo, thats awesome, thanks for the pics. Ill see how to do that then. You probably have to drop the board and try to regrab it in the air as it is falling, vertically. So when you regrab it itll just throw you upward alot. Ill try it then.

Nice recams Option, I hadn’t thought of that. Still tough to see what’s going on without a Gordon model though, not to mention HL2 physics can be tricky.DemonStrate, I don’t think Loner said anything about grabbing the object when he introduced the trick, and in fact I think he said it first happened by accident. Feel free to give it some tries though as I’m not 100% sure.What I think happens is that he flies off and past the object, then the object manages to intercept his downward path and, with some random HL2 physics luck, throw him into the air. I’m not sure, but that’s what it LOOKED like was happening to me.What I’m wondering is, is the height the super turbo up gives you enough to make it to the top of the citadel_04 elevator shaft? If it isn’t in Loner’s demo, than is the best height POSSIBLE from a super turbo up enough?

purely looking at the height and guestimating. I would say it isnt high enough, however maybe (as you said) you can go alot higher.

isnt there a mod to replace gordons model with any hl2dm model?

I’ve got several turbo-ish boosts although they are’t as powerful as loner’s. all I did was just a bit of angle change, no use issued.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/324872722/suga_turbo-ish.raris there any information about it, like how he did it and how reproduceable?o40:it’s not a model problem. you can’t watch your own model if you changed your camera position even in CS:S. Gordon actually has a model also, you can see it if you type “thirdperson”.

Hmm, it looks like what’s in your demo is the same thing as Loner’s demo, just on a smaller scale. Are you able to replicate that using a blue mailbox?