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Everytime I check the forum I see active users but noone is posting anything.So I assume everyone is like me and checks if a new demo is uploaded. :slight_smile:


Yes, i think that’s it :wink:


There is a Last Click button below the list. From there you can see what everyone has been doing last. :slight_smile:


Well, maby we should make this a presentation thread where people tell us about themselves so we get a friendler community. I have no idea of who you guys are anyway. I know that Daleville is swedish but that is about everyhting I know.


You just want me to talk about myself?


QUOTE I know that Daleville is Swedish but that is about everyhting I know.I can tell you that my name is spelled DaleLewill, not Daleville! :stuck_out_tongue: :DI agree with you that many people don’t post much at all…you want to know about me?here we go:I live in Sweden and I’m 18. I am currently taking a course in Art/Design/Multimedia (for a year). Not much more to say about me…except I have dark hair :)…and I have the old Source version, so I can’t watch new demos :frowning: (will update someday)I hope that everyone tell us something about themselves in order to make this a friendlier community :smiley:


I turned 18 today, I live in Texas (just north of Houston), I have memorized the first 100 digits of pi, I am white (according to the SAT, according to my school I am “White, not of Hispanic origin”), I hate welfare, I am a Star Wars nerd (more on this if you ask) (4, 5, and 6 were better, and I have about 18k Star Wars CCG cards), I love the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, I have little knowledge of modern technology, I like steak, I am a republican, I don’t do any drugs, I don’t understand peoples obsession with duct tape, “I like the hike, that’s what I like,” I don’t watch anime, I generally don’t watch TV, I used to play CS a lot but wasn’t very good (if I had been cal it would have probably been mid cal-O).My favorite color is blue, my house has only one floor, my dog is a Border Collie, my neighbors have 2 Weimaraners, my favorite drink is 2% milk (white), my favorite game (based on total hours spent playing) is D2:LoD, my grandparents are Dutch (all 4 of them), my brother is in the nuclear power program for the navy, my other brother is a Chem-E, my parents think speed running is silly, my dad plays D2:LoD too (and both my brothers).Because of the way I act, many people who don’t know me well think I am a pothead, but I am not. I learned for the first time the other day in biology how to make a bong, many consider me a slacker (and with good reason) even though I make good grades, I don’t own dress shoes so I have to borrow my brothers when I have FBLA contests and interviews, my high school has 3.3k students and wasted 1million dollars on a fancy new press box, my favorite movies are: star wars, braveheart, saving private ryan, swiss family robinson, and I like most action movies.I bring a gba to school for those really boring times, I have 9 decks of cards in my backpack (even though I only need 1…), I bring my lunch to school, I was the last kid picked for a team in elementary school pretty much every time, my little league baseball team got 8th (out of 8), my dad has a garden and we grow random stuff (and some not random stuff), I own SNES, 3 GB, 1GBA, 1 GBA SP, 3 PC’s, 1 Dreamcast, 1 PS2.I think stupid people (ie the ones who fail all their classes) should go to vocational school and learn 1 job they don’t rely on my [parents] tax dollars to support them, I am in no sports, the clubs at school I am in are: science club, NHS, FBLA, mualphatheta, chess club.I was hospitalized for 12 days when I got pneumonia, my highest fever was 105.1 F, I broke my radius and ulna once, I broke my toe once, I walked into a grill when I was two burning the skin off the front of my legs and arms… scars on my legs are still visible if you look really really close (maybe it’s just me), I used to hit my head all the time getting in to the bottom bunk.My family got our first TV with remote 3 years ago xmas (I was 15)… our TV before that had no remote, I used to have 28.8k… that sucked, I have only broken one mouse due to too many clicks (I think that was the reason), I have never had a job, I am very frugal even with other peoples money, I have a hard time coming up with things to get for bday and xmas.Is this what you had in mind about getting to know me? I can say more.


Happy birthday jimsfriend! That was a very nice post. :PI’m 18 years old, too. This is my last year of high school, and I’m a bit nervous about the upcoming matriculation examination. Currently I have no school on Fridays, unfortunately I woke up early enough to go to school this morning. So, I have trouble sleeping (mostly falling asleep), if there is something out of the ordinary the next day, I’m most likely not going to fall asleep in a few hours… This is troubling me very much. Oh yeah, I live in Finland which is next to Sweden. ;)My computer is too old to run HL2 (I completed it when it came out, so this machine is not that old). I’ve hardly played any games for about two months now. I generally don’t watch TV either, mostly because the shows are not that good, and secondly because of the advertisements (yesterday I watched TV a bit and it was “entertaining” to watch all those ads, none of which I had seen before).


I like to watch the commercials during super bowl, during the actual game I go back to reading a book or something of that sort. I just had a Bio2 test today and it seemed too easy… that is a bad thing. It was over mitosis and meiosis, probably the second worst unit of the year, outranked only by photosynthesis and cellular respiration.Is Finland the land mass sticking out from Russia north of Denmark? If so, and iirc, that is where the Hoth scenes from Star Wars were filmed. The part where Luke is wandering around in the blizzard took place in one of the worst blizzards in something like 50 years and the camera man was inside filming through a window with a mug of hot chocolate in his hand. It must suck to be the saviour of the galaxy.Gas prices are going back down… they were at $2.32/gal today.


My real name is Daniel, Im swedish and I have survived for 25 years so I think that Im one of the oldies on the forum, dont really know that for sure. Im studying computer science at the university in Linköping and I really enjoy it. My computer is too old to play hl2 fluiently but I can manage to play some levels. My interest is based on the quake done quick series. The best one is actually quake2 done quick I think because it has some mas tricks.Dont know what to tell more. I really enjoy werid music.


A little about my self…My Name is Gordon, live at Sydney, Australia. I am 15 years old in year nine. I play play both a lot of Basketball and Computers/Games. My two chosen subjects which I study are Multimedia and Computing Studies.I enjoy Half-Life 2, mainly due to the gravity gun, and that side of game play. I also like the Deathmatch, which I am quite good at, however, the game is dieing due to bugs n’ shit.- Gordon


Well pincus we have alot in common by the looks of things. I live in Australia, Queensland. I am 17 years old currently finishing off the last few weeks of my final year of high school. Going for my driving test in like a week yay!! I also play Basketball for a team as iam 6 foot 8 :smiley: . In my free time i enjoy catching up with my mates and partying. Cant wait for schoolies witch iam going to at gold coast witch will be heaps of fun. I work at Lenards pincus will no what shop that is heh. For those who dont its a chicken shop :lol: . Well i hope you enjoyed reading this bye for now.


wow. Never knew that. Do you play Half-Life 2: Deathmatch?6.8, shizzle. Thats pretty big! I am 1m 82cm, which isn’t that high for my age, but isn’t short either.- Gordon


I’m from Russia, Ekaterinburg. My name is Viktor, I’m 20 years old and my nick translates to english as “nearly dead” =). This year I’ve got a programmer’s education.I’m very interested in speedrunning not only at HL2, but other games too, is one of my favourite sites. Also I’m a Quake3 progamer and often participate tourneys + hardly playing defrag mod. I’ve liked marshmallow’s HL2 run and later found this site =).I’m often visit to download a fresh demo =). All I’ve made to hl2dq is hl2 backup for watching “old” demos and captured some of demos to video for MaximusX.2 all HL2DQ speedrunners: your runs are awesome, go for it !!


If you like Marchs, just wait till you see our run :o- Gordon


Hi there, my name is Veselin, and I’m 17 from Bulgaria, Plovdiv. (my english is a bit a crapy :wink: )I find this project in a newsroom site, and in no time I love it. Now, I’m trying to speed-run it, but I’m too slow (about 5 seconds and more).However, my skills are improving, and maybe for the final part I’ll can reach your times guys :stuck_out_tongue: .Keep on doing best you can guys B) .


My name is Daniel, but at home all calls me Danny. I’m from Germany.I think i am the youngest here, i’m just 14.I love all Half-Life speedruns and does a Half-Life Blueshift run. I was superior beat marshmallows run until i discovered HL2DQ.


Dark, when is your birthday? Mine is 31/08/90.- Gordon


Mine is 21.07.91 :slight_smile:


I’m going to sue you all for illegally playing… errr pwning HL2 :wink: