Final Movie

I know its early, but we dont want to get to the end of the demos phase, and not know what we are doing in the production phase. My main question is, who is doing the vid? It was originally Tamale, but we’ve lost contact, right? Do we have anyone else in line? or will we need to find som1? Its important that we find someone decent, all the hard work put it could go to waste with a shit vid. My main concern is that we finish the demos, then spend weeks / months before we even have someone starting to make the movie.

I don’t know much about video compression, and I don’t know how exactly how everybody who had input in this project wants it to turn out. But I DID get a new 300GB HDD, so I have all the space to convert all the frames into tga etc.

thats cool. But I dont have a clue bout how any of it works, so I cant really help out at all, apart from input ideas for the final thing.

Hi folks !I’m sadly not good enough and I don’t know anybody who could do this, but I can tell you that you can find on the web some VideoMakers (like the ones who make Counter Strike videos).They could do it, they’re good and it would be a fantastic video in the end.BUT ! But I think that in this case, you’d have to… pay :/So here is my question : would you pay a moviemaker for this project or not ? Maybe if everybody sends a part of the price, we could reach it :)But maybe you want HL2DQ to stay totally free… Let us know !

hmm. but perhaps some people would do it for free purely because it is such a big video, and so many people will watch it, it will make them “famous”.

shaolin productions maby :slight_smile:

ya, if he’ll do it. what im getting at is that we need to make sure we have someone lined up, and they are willing to do it, it will take ages to make as it is, so we dont want to have to spend a month or watever finding someone to make it.

well i could make a plain video out of the demos just like the first hl2dq videos, but im not able to pump the video up with any special effects.

I do video editing for my friends’ movies he makes :-D. www.reelsplatter.comI’m not knowledgable about super special effects, but i can ask one of my friends to help that knows some in After Effects. I know how to edit footage in Premiere and do some other obscure things. Right now, I’m just about done learning how to make DVD’s (with chapters and the works). I’m making some very basic DVD’s for my friend, but I know (or can easily learn) how to do most of the extra stuff real DVD’s have. I have done some unfinished Anime Music Videos (AMV’s), if you know what those are. The only thing I would need is a new harddrive (I currently have 3 computers and have around half a terabyte of space total, but I’m looking into getting a new 250 gig HD from Circuit City (hehe, christmas giftcards)). So, I would need a lot of time to make all the demos into jpeg’s (or maybe it does bmp’s?? I’ve made small Counter-Strike videos and i think it made the demos into bmp’s in the old HL), then record the audio (any sound recorder will do), and then compile the pictures into avi’s, and then alot of video editing. OR!, I could use FRAPS, which is much easier than doing it the super high quality route, but I would have to see how it would handle HL2 with it running. Anyway, check out Chainsaw Chink VS Santa Claws on Its the best that we have done so far. New movies to come (hopefully).

there is console stuff in hl2 to dump 30 tga pictures per second in the demo, I would prefer that way of doing it so it gets proper timing. Anyway, one other thing is cfg tweaking and gfx card issues.

thats cool Demon, the DVD stuff could be usefull, because as it was said before, we think it would be better if you had the choice of what to watch. so that you could select to go to ravenhold, city 17 and watch that chapter, or select to watch the thing in full. I dont think we would want loads of special effects. this is only my opinion by the way, but before it was suggested we have a plain run, and one with special effects. I think perhaps that having 2 different ones is a bit pointless, instead we could just have a neutral one, with the segment time, overlapped time, player name, and maybe some special effects, just not too many,

What special effects were you guys thinking of? I couldnt really see many special effects needed for a speed run. ;)Anyway, at the least, I would make subtitles for each map, that would say the map name, runner’s name, and run some descrete fashion as to not throw off you from watching the run. OR, even better, I would make it an option for you to choose (like normal subtitles are) for the DVD. Either way, I would make chapter selections for the start of each area.

I like the DVD idea. It wouldnt be too hard to do either; I mean, after the project is recorded.Hey who knows, you guys could even make some money out of it :lol:

nah, we aint charging. ( :frowning: ) .I was just thinking of simple special effects like perhaps slow-mo at certain places? or maybe replaying a cool jump. I dont really know, hadnt thort bout it.

they also did the ravenholm runs. I think they should be our 1st choice.

Don’t do any special effects, it should be a straight up speed run. Just my 2 cents. Maybe something like an intro, credits, and map/runner info in a subtitle, but nothing like slow-mo or fading in/out, music, etc.

no music?! :huh:

There’s already the music of the game !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely want someone from shaolin do editing. they are the best :DDVD menu idea sounds cool. I’ll buy a DVD if it’s available like SDA :Pediting whole 1h40m video with special effects is just a pain. so I think we can get some nice short trailer (less than 10 minutes) with the best tricks included.