Final movie poll

Please select the ones you would like to see in the final vid. If there are any which arent up there, but you would like to suggest, please post them, but try to just post your idea and not make it too spammy.

Here is what I believe would be the best.For the intro, I think you must leave the GMAN intro because it’s a part of the game and it would be sad to remove it. But put also a few seconds intro of your own with the logo of HL2DQ.The UI is a good idea but don’t make too much with special music and the DVD version (unless it is easy and fast to create !).

This is what I am thinking of:.–> 1 DVD with: a menu/chapter selection hl2dq intro + hl2 intro own credits (I am not sure about the Valve ones)–> 1 CD High Quality Version with: hl2dq intro + hl2 intro own credits - without valve ones–> 400mb Medium Quality Version with: hl2dq intro own credits–> 150mb Low Quality Version with: hl2dq intro own creditsAny more ideas?

I didn’t check any UI choice, because I think there should be a limited UI, with just the runner and maybe the total time for the map and map name showing up at the beginning. A ticking clock seems useless.About the credits: I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to overwrite Valve’s credits (hey they worked on the game too), but at the same time I think having two sets of credits would be kind of weird.A DVD menu for the downloadable version would be silly, but if you want to make a DVD version, I don’t see why not. Personally I would have no interest in it though.

erm, sounds great Kiudee. but who exactly is going to be making all the different versions and sending them off? :blink:

Greetings, Half-Life 2 speedrunners,I’ve been lurking these forums for a bit, very much interested in this project. I never really thought I’d post here, because I don’t have anything useful to say that would really help you guys, speedrunning wise. But then I just noticed this thread and thought I’d throw in my two cents.All the suggestions have some merit to them, but here’s my little take on things. I think the run should just flow as normal, without the person’s name and time or whatever in the corners, because it’s my opinion that it would disrupt the gameplay. It would be better to just let it flow, and then at the very end, take over VALVe’s credits with your own credits.But this is your guys’ project, not mine, so do as you wish. Just thought I’d say something :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with the rest of the run, I’m very anxious to see it. No matter what you decide, I’ll still download the run and be amazed.

I think the HQ version will land on 700Mb *2 because thats a fair compression to watch. Anyway, compressing to 700Mb multipels is getting a bit old because “no one” burns thiese things to CDs anymore.jrb, you will figure this thing out, no doubt.

I think it should just be the game like a normal speed run, except with credits to show the runners that did which map.

As I said - I would encode the Low Quality Version, but I also could do the other versions (without the dvd) which will take ~ 1 week for just the rendering on max quality for all movies.

OMFG, i found the cooolest thing, taht came out recently!!! omg, check this out. You should make the video with this.…ane_Hires;54352

yes good idea - looks very neatedit: but there is a lil problem: QUOTE Weapons: It adds more balancing to weapons and strengthens the weapons to a more realistic level and the damages are life-life as well (e.g. One shot to the head = One kill) but unfortunately for you that same rule applies. Full disclosure of all of the changes can be found in the readme file.

ah the weapon thing is no problem: QUOTE (Hint: If you prefer the original Weapons balancing, delete the file “skill.cfg” inside the Mod’s cfg-folder)

if we can playback the demos with these new textures it might be cool, dont know yet :slight_smile:

Yeah, i mostly just meant to use the textures, and possibly the music. Ive heard the music is cool but i havent downloaded it yet.

If we do use that, I say ONLY the textures. We want this to be a normal Half-Life 2 run, and with different music, it isn’t, sorta. So just the textures I reckon.

Yes, I think so too. We should stick with the original music.

Only thing slightly annoying about those textures, from what I can see in the screenshots, is that they texturized a lot of surfaces by making them filthy. I don’t know how overboard they got with that, but if every other thing is covered in grime when it wasn’t in the original, well, I don’t know if we want it.

and if jrb already captured some I dont want him to redo it or change textures in the middle of the progress