Episode Two Done Quick


06 was redone, the time save is now 14.52 seconds, 06a is also done with 1.08 seconds saved. 07 is nearing completion, we have a set of segments that’s roughly 0.2 seconds faster than the old run(with one segment less as well) but we’ll be probably still improving that by a couple of ticks.

So yeah the prediction of not saving much time was a bit incorrect :stuck_out_tongue:


08 is nearly done, heli fight battle was difficult to figure out but Jukspa managed to find a way to get it Done Quick.


09 and 10 done, 74.985 and 3.945 seconds saved respectively.


yus, finally


Only striders and the final cutscene map left to do. Looks like the final time is going to be under 31 minutes.


I can’t wait! I wanted to see an good EP2 run since 2 years. _

I can’t wait for the helicopter part…


Striders done, 17.145 seconds saved.



So I am guessing 2 weeks to finish the run and 2 weeks to edit it?


The editing hasn’t started yet and I’m not sure who’s gonna do it. So it might take a while.


If you have trouble finding one in a couple of weeks I could try and do it.


Fnzzy does super nice renders :slight_smile:


Yes please. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:


Fnzzy rendered the Portal Prelude Inbounds run and he’s at the moment rendering the glitchless Portal run.


Yeah, I did the Prelude run. And for EP2DQ I will make sure to put in extra effort!

EDIT: If you want to see some of my older (rather different) work you can look at my YouTube channel that I dedicated to Call of Duty 4 moviemaking. I am inactive in that field for a while now, though, but once in a while I feel like working on something again.





No sub-30? Unsubbed.

[sub](J/k, waiting patiently for a glorious release!)[/sub]


Only 9 months too! Done pretty quick indeed.


Congratulations to everyone involved in the run. This project, as I understand it, dates back many years. One of the first speedrunning streams I ever watched was EP2 segment attempts. Thinking about how far this run has come since then is truely amazing.


Damn, Jukspa you weren’t lying when you said that the run was almost done. Can’t wait to see the finished product.