Episode Two Done Quick


We have restarted the run again and we’re up to the second map, with 16 seconds saved in the first map over the previous run.

Time sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VTSr4etEbi277Z9U0F8VYLXU1z7FizQ3Hp_5WcwvpQ

The current estimate for the whole run is 34-35 minutes. This is a segmented run with scripts.


The hype is real.


I apologize, but I’m completely lost in EP2 planning/running; what was the “previous run”, again? :smiley:


The previous run is EP2DQ v2.0, started in October 6, 2013 by Elgu, Matmo, Gocnak, pruno and Maxx(maybe someone else, not sure). It got to outland_10 but then various new skips were found in earlier parts of the game so the project was restarted.


Will the run EVER been finished?


Ah, right. I don’t suppose there were any videos of that? (I’m completely lost in EP2 planning/running.)

Also, what’s up with those 1-tick-long segments? o_0


I don’t think there’s any public videos of that run, we’ll probably keep it that way since a lot of the routes are also used in the new run.



Cheers. Hopefully none of the really entertaining stuff is skipped that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on what I’ve seen in your Strider fight video from a while back, I’m actually very hyped so far.


**Hype. **I think we can make a vid to show the start of old outland_01 and 01a etc. at some point to hype up the new run.


Wait until you’re closer to the end


That’s what I was thinking


Joining the hype train.


fuck, looks like I’m wasting my time on my run, I’ll never beat that kind of speed.


Just to give anyone curious an update on what’s going on, we’re still on the second map. We’ve found a couple of new things and are trying to find out if the first map can be improved. There’s a pretty difficult segment on the second map so we might be stuck here for a while, but work is still being done on the run.


Are you planning on using that bullshit pickax strat that sends you flying miles? Or just going to glitch down and onto the trigger in the corridor in outland_05 somehow.


We have a couple of different ideas on how to do that map, so that’s still up in the air. Obviously if we can figure out how to get stuck in just a prop(like a pallet or a barrel) then we could just get into the corridor where the changelevel trigger is.


Skipping the elevator does save a lot of time, but so does the SPD trick, of course you could find a way to ABH off of a slope somewhere and sail over the cliff in outland_06a, I tried ABHing off the nearest rocks on the road which normally just gets me up on the rock ledge to the right of the road. It might be possible to ABH up and off one of the slopes, but is seems a bit short to get enough velocity.

Unless someone finds some kind of elaborate route around some rocks then off a mountain or something.

But if you do end up using the SPD method you can launch yourself right onto the trigger and land safely with about 6-8 health left as long as you slow yourself down a bit on the slope to the right.

and if you’re going to launch yourself from inside the tunnel, 9/10 times you’ll find yourself on a ledge next to the weather station.

I know your main focus at the moment is outland_05, I thought I’d just share what I know first.


Using SPD in outland_06a is not fast since we’re using the new route in 06 where you get stuck in the displacement and then save/load in to the corridor(used in RTA runs). Not that it would save time in 06a anyway since the ABH launches in that map are faster. Although SPD could be used in outland_06 and I don’t see any other route being faster than it is at the moment.

But it’s definitely important to consider what is faster overall instead of looking at maps independently.


Never mind lol, the second map is done with 38.46 seconds saved(yes that is correct). The last segment will be redone most likely and I think we can shave off 10-20 ticks.


Thats amazing! Who ended up getting the insane jump?