Episode Two Done Quick


I got that segment.


GJGJ, I’m really hyped to see this run. If there are more segments which aren’t too secret, I’d love to see them streamed.


I’ve been kind of lazy recently but I’ll try to get back into streaming some attempts when we’re on an interesting segment.


Gj. We might be able to finish this run


Ep2_outland07 strat… Any good?


Also, is it possible to go back in game after playing the demo to continue to the next segment?


Not for segmented since it’s more optimal to preserve the speed from 06a and then use that to launch in 07. In addition to that we won’t have an smg at that point.

Not sure what you mean, but you can just make a save when you stop the demo.


I see, it was just a theoretical route. When demos end it just puts me back to the main menu, kinda frustrating.


Oh I see, you can start multiple demos into a loop with startdemos(e.g. startdemos demo1 demo2 demo3) and you can stop the loop by hitting disconnect from the menu(you can also bind it to a key[bind disconnect], makes it easier).




We redid the end of 01a and managed to save almost another two seconds, putting the total map time to 416 ticks or 6.24 seconds.




02 is done, 2.355 seconds saved.


And the old run still hasnt finished the first map at this point.


Can’t wait!


I’m looking forward to see what funky stuff is going on in 01-01a


05 is done, 81.3 seconds saved. Might still be improved though.




the pallet clip is real? ;D


Indeed, Jukspa got the pallet clip, although it has the potential to be improved by ~20-30 ticks.

The upcoming maps unfortunately won’t have any huge time saves, some might even be slower than the previous time.


06 done, 12.345 seconds saved over my old run.