Episode 2 Pre-Update Installation Instructions


You need to download EP1 GCFs to play ep1. All needed EP1 GCFs are in the main post to download (I think)


I have a problem, the game window is all black when I launch the bat. I have all the gcfs and I have steam shut off. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Nvm, I had 2 gcfs mixed up.


I just tried extracting all the required GCFs into my Source Unpack folder and to my surprise it worked with no problems (so far anyway). It also works properly with Steam, because the pre-update revEmu is messed up. So some advice to everyone: extract GCFs.


A lot of people have had issues using the GCFs linked in the thread, they might be corrupted or something. Maxx made an unpack which you can also use with Steam open so I recommend using it instead. Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!8BcGmbhC!BRc_VWlrbiV916VCmCB3tCJPEAbQBY-EcBZlDmSiVeI