Episode 2 Pre-Update Installation Instructions


These are the instructions on installing the fixed preupdate.

Get the preupdate here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzvff43cwkm8aze/preupdate.7z

Check if you have Episode Two and Episode One GFC’s in your Steamapps folder.
If you don’t, get them here -


Good luck and have fun!


Ok so this doesn’t work for shit so I’m gonna ask it like this;

I have a completely fresh install of Steam. No games installed. Steamapps is empty.

What is my EVERY SINGLE STEP I do to get this shit working?
And by EVERY SINGLE STEP I mean EVERY SINGLE STEP. Even if it may seem trivial.

Ok so this doesn't work for shit
This. I have no idea what am I doing. Had to re-install HL2 and EP2


Are the GCF’s and the files in preupdate.7z from RIGHT before the steampipe conversion (ie 5135) or is it an older engine.


S., If you are in really trouble with that I could to do a remote acces and try to get it working for you… I don’t know why it isn’t working if you did every single step but… Maybe it works.

You don’t have to put the preupdate folder on the steam folder. I’m using my preupdate on desktop. You can try to do that and see if it works.


Anyone else have this model in t-form during Our Mutual Fiend? http://puu.sh/4DKxS.png

Tried replacing it MULTIPLE times with the ones given in the 7z file but it wont work, any way to refresh model cache?


I’m getting “Can’t find background image ‘materials/console/ep1_backgroundxx_widescreen.vtf’”. And I dont have any console folder(s) in my steam nor my preupdate folder. Any Ideas? ???


Here is a short guide on how to install this preupdate thing for S. and Elgu:

  • Download “preupdate.7z” and “Episode 1 & 2 GCFs.zip.”
  • Extract “preupdate.7z” into a folder named “ep2”, this folder can be placed anywhere.
  • Extract “Episode 1 & 2 GCFs.zip” to a folder that will have a path with no spaces. Make note of the path.
  • Open “rev.ini” in your “ep2” folder and edit the line “CachePath” to match that of the one noted earlier (where all the GCF’s are) and save.
  • COMPLETELY EXIT STEAM, I mean go into task manager and make sure “Steam.exe” and “GameOverlayUI.exe” are NOT PRESENT. If even one of those EXE’s are running then you will get an error relating to a material for console and the game will fail to load!!
  • Simply double click “ep2.bat” and the game will launch (give it a minute or two for the first launch).

If you have any more questions please PM or add me on Steam, I hope this helped and I cant wait to see HL2:EP2 RUDAHD&WLEw/WLEUU soon!

  1. I downloaded “preupdate.7z” and “Episode 1 & 2 GCFs.zip”
  2. I extracted “preupdate.7z” into a folder named “ep2”, which has been placed anywhere.
  3. I extracted “Episode 1 & 2 GCFs.zip” to a folder that does has a path with no spaces. I made note of the path.
  4. I opened “rev.ini” in my “ep2” folder and edited the line “CachePath” to match that of the one noted earlier (where all the GCF’s are) and saved.
  5. I COMPLETELY EXITED STEAM, I mean went into task manager and made sure “Steam.exe” and “GameOverlayUI.exe” are NOT PRESENT.
  6. I simply double clicked “ep2.bat” but the game won’t launch.


This is pretty much exactly the same problem I had with the pre-update about 2-3 years ago… Hope it gets a real, permanent, fix shortly!

Oh and no, I haven’t tried this “fixed” one yet so it might just work this time.


I cant load your images S. :frowning:


OK! So it looks like all the problems people are having is due to the fact that almost all GCF’s in the mega link are incomplete. Im uploading the working ones but it will take a REALLY long time, if you are interested in getting the GCF’s via Steam servers go ahead and download CFToolBox, you will need to input your steam username, password, and steamguard hash, until then wait about 3-6hrs and we’ll be up and running :D!


So Mega sucks at uploading, after getting about 40% of the way there it resets back to 1% almost every time… Anyone have a ftp? better file hosting service?


Can always make a torrent of them, or throw them up on archive.org, but they may be taken down from there.


I actually got the missing GCFs uploaded to mega. https://mega.co.nz/#!Kh4ySCiS!cO8JU2_PLkl0k9BpsutMoAM9EMkU8L8DQNOBxcf_bE8
Just extract it to the folder where you have your other GCFs you downloaded from the mainpost.
Have fun!


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Added the missing GCFs link and Maxx’s guide into the first post.


Here is a rar with all the GCF’s listed in revApps.ini (the ones required to run the game.): http://dl.dwahmov.tv/Episode2RequiredGCFs.rar


Anyone know if i can get EP2 mods working on this preupdate? I so how?


You can, you probably just need to put the mod folder in the same place as the game content folder (so in the case of the OP, it would be F:\Source Unpack\ep2\modnamefolder) and change the launch options: make a copy of the .bat file and instead of -game ep2 (or whatever it is) make it -game modnamefolder