Episode 2 Pre-Update Installation Instructions


Or, in particular, hl2.exe insta-closes after the start, after you launched ep2.bat.

  1. Right click ep2.bat and choose “Edit”.

  2. Add “-dxlevel 90” (without quotes) to the end of the first line.

  3. Launch ep2.bat. The game should launch now.

  4. Don’t forget to remove “-dxlevel 90” from ep2.bat after launching the game once, because otherwise your video settings will be reset every time you launch the game.


The DL links for the EP1 and 2 GCFs aren’t working for me. Wondering if its just me or the links are the problem.
This is the error I get. Obviously I’m on Chrome, the superior internet browser.


It’s the problem with the site. I had the files moved to another folder, moved them back.


Yay, working now. Downloading the GCFs, then I can get into EP2 running. yay.


If you ever need help learning EP2 feel free to ask me any questions.


The episode 1 shared.gcf file is broken, unless its just 7zip. can someone confirm that its not just me?


Bump, because I want my EP2 working.
Wow that sounds childish.


you dont need ep1 gcf’s to run ep2


I’m a twat, the problem is steam as I am getting the console error. Before I say whats next IT CAME PRE-INSTALLED. I’m on Windows 8, and apparently MS changed how the task manager lists programs that are running so I cant fully close steam. I guess I cant run EP2. :frowning:


Just go to Details tab in Task Manager.


No steam processes are running still getting the console error >:(


How many GCF’s do you have in your folder?


10, how many am I supposed to have?

  1. Download the GCF’s I linked a while ago


Sorry for late response, I was to busy playing the ESO beta. Well, now it works, but there’s a new problem. Everything is a purple and black texture. EVERYTHING. Makes my eyes bleed. I’m pretty sure the problem is that my materials folder is empty.


You’re propably missing some of the materials GCF’s. Look at the main post and make sure you have all of those in your GCF folder.



https://mega.co.nz/#!npJSDTbA!riqOIqdrgRMSXX4tclPvP5VnVylhfFuK5ctDQE04J-k This has those 4 missing GCFs you dont have


Yes, It finally works. Thank you so much.


can you play Ep1 with this, or are extra files needed?