Ep2 vs. HL:S


Inex and I were talking today, and he says we should just go ahead and start running HL:S seeing as how this update fucked us up pretty bad. I’m all for it, what do you guys think?


I’ve never played HL:S, as I’ve heard it’s not that good(?), and I’ve been looking forward to BMS instead. However, if we’re not gonna be running ep2 anymore I guess I’ll buy it just to have something to run.


We’re going to be running on a different version to what’s available on steam because that way demo recording will work.


Didn’t you say you got a steamless copy of ep2 working, Jared? So there is a way we (you) could run ep2 after all, right? Eitherway I’m personally more interested in seeing a hls run at the moment, so I vote for that.

Edit: Just played around a lil in hls again. What bhopping script are you guys using for this? The one from the ep1 run makes duckjumping kinda choppy.


I’ve got a non-steam EP2, I’ll try and get it uploaded tomorrow.


Yay, Cameron saves the day. We’re still gonna be running Ep2, but it seems Josh won’t be participating in HL:S…


HL:S is like HL1, but handicapped and more advanced watergraphic. ;D

Why wont Josh participate?


We’re not abandoning the ep2 run, but it seems like it might still take a while to sort out the entire version difference. Along with that, I’m a bit busy, have stuff to do, so I won’t be around as much to lead the ep2 run. I figured that we should keep working on things, so HL:S would be a good idea to get going, as I know a lot of people want to see it and want to run it. I won’t be participating MUCH, I doubt I’ll get a segment, as I’m not too great with the game.

I think, if hl:s is decided to be run, you need to figure who’s leading it, because there’s not much point me doing so.


A while back we decided that I would lead it.


Alright then. I forgot about that, so since that’s sorted… How long is the poll being left open for? Seems like a pretty clear result atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Just call it. When do we start! :smiley:


When the first person uploads their first attempt at the first section.


I’ll do one better! An optimum time.


I reckon you could get 14s if you timed the door a bit better, did better air control (I haven’t mastered fast bunny’s while playing slowly) and perhaps managed a wall strafe somewhere.


How about a shared dropbox folder for the recordings, rather than having to download them individually?

EDIT: Created one, Create an account if you don’t have one already then PM me your email address (that you use for your DB account) and I’ll invite you to the shared folder.


I’m also up for HLS :slight_smile:


Hey now, technically we have to beat Dales 14 second segment for the first map :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just going to mention that as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s great that a (new) HLS run is getting started, but for me personally, the timing couldn’t have been worse - I’m going away for a couple of weeks and I won’t have access to a computer. But then again, I was running this game “back in the days” over at HL2DQ.net so my best attempts are in those demos.

Good luck guys! I’ll be joining you when I come back.


A few weeks is NOTHING for us. We’ll probably get through maybe 3 segments :P. We’re a slow bunch.


What did you use to start the run? What are we going to use?


I seems that we used the map command (since nobody mentioned a save for the first map in the old HLSDQ-thread). I’m not sure there is a difference between entering the “air-chamber” or using the map command. Naturally should be tested/timed.