I guess various people here already tried finding a crack in the invisible walls without success which would make this a rather straight forward map. I guess S has the most experience running this map (actually all maps) given his single segment attempts so what route do you suggest for a segmented run? Any point in stacking up a bunch of barrels before walking through the trigger activating the antlion guards?

Apart from that someone needs to tell me how that SPD thingy works cause I’ve never bothered trying that before. Lastly, might it be possible to find a texture to glitch through as we’ve done in ep2_outland_01? I guess I’ll have a go at finding a way out of the map as well.


The triggersituation for this map is kinda awkward. Basically you do an ABH all the way to a certain trigger (it’s not very high, so launching over it is very easy.)

I’m not sure how the next part works. After I hit the trigger, if I go too fast towards where the green AG is supposed to spawn, he wont spawn at all and I need to go back. So I usually just normal-jump over there so that I am not too fast.

Beat the green AG’s ass with the engine block nearby. Engine block does insane amount of damage. I think it’s better than the barrels, especially because it doesn’t disappear after you used it. You can kill the green AG well in time and make it to the red AG’s spawn before he even spawned. Engine block is the reason you definitely don’t want to stack barrels beforehand.

In my SS, I blast that bitches ass with explosive barrels that are already there, along with an SMG grenade I picked up in _02, then finish him with my shotgun/smg as I make my way to the thumper. You could also use the engine block on him, but I don’t do that coz I am not guaranteed a flawless green AG kill, so I won’t be able to make it to the red AG’s spawn in time to be able to put the engine block to good use… Inexistence might know a faster, less consistent-way to take out the red AG. Suggest you talk to him as well.

Then it’s just hope that the AI is where you want them to be: Nearby. Might also want to kill any regular antlions, despite them retreating, as they can distract the vort by a bunch.

You can get the pickaxe from outside the elevator area, before the vort activated the generator. Doing so will mess with the AI, and it may delay (or even cancel) the vortigaunt opening the gate for you. You will have to wait for the button that makes the elevator go up to activate though. I honestly don’t know how this part works. I honestly never tried getting the pickaxe while the AGs are still alive and how it affects the AI of the vortigaunt. Getting the elevator down early would trigger alyx and the vort to go into the elevator. Alyx is for the most part just ignorable in this map, however, the vortigaunt might go for the elevator and therefore hit the trigger and activate his speech “” this lift will carry us…", similar to the skip at the end of the secondary silo. I have no idea if this works though. I never tried because the vort is still on the other side of the valley and you can kill the AG’s before he even reaches the safe thumper area. Could be worth to take a look at though, and I will do so once I boot up ep2 again. Typical might be able to tell you more about this too.

I don’t think you need the SPD anymore since you can just do an ABH launch on the map where you need it. Someone verify for me if this is actually faster, the ABH is way too random for SS.

I did have a good implementation of SPD in my SS that worked 100% of the time, but recently it started to not work on me anymore. Will take a look at that as well, but it’s irrelevant because the SPD strat I use is too slow for segmented. For segmented, you just want to drop it and jump on it without thinking, and hope you go in the right direction. Jared can fill you in on the whole SPD matter.

I tried getting the old copy of EP2, but could not get it to work.
I’ll try it again once I’ve formatted my PC (which I hope to do this year).


  1. ABH.
  2. Engine block AG’s.
  3. AI that’s more inconsistent than the AI on the next map.
  4. Grab the pickaxe from outside the elevator, disturbing the AI even more.
  5. SPD might not be necessary.

Step 4 could be done during step 2, research required.\

Edit: Ok I tried grabbing the pickaxe earlier. Doing so during the antlion fight made the vort refuse to open the gate for me.
Doing so later on also made the vort refuse to open. However, I think I saw TYPICAL do it earlier than I do in my SS, if I’m not mistaken, so it could be luck, or I’m doing something wrong.

In my SS I grab it after the vort stops his speech ("…to where the vehicle awaits") and starts walking over to the generator to activate it. Check with TYPICAL

Edit2: Messed around with the SPD some more, and I really start to believe that the way you hold it under the elevatorhatch decides the direction it will send you flying. Jared might know more.


Cheers for the thorough answer. I’ve looked into this a bit and I agree about the motor block; that seems to be the way to go considering it’s indestructible and takes down an AG in 7 hits. My current plan would be to segment right after killing the green AG. ABHing to the trigger, getting the motor block, killing the AG without being hit by it or an antlion or losing the motor block seems like enough error sources for one segment. But as I posted in the outland_02 thread, it probably will take a while until we reach outland_05 (again). More time for everyone else to share their thoughts on this map though.


Okay S., how does that sound for the first segment: 1. ABH to the AGs, 2. kill the green one before the red one is triggered, 3. segment. Anything SPD-related is only relevant in the second segment anyway so I don’t have to worry about anything specific in the first one, right? I’m really not a good route planner so I’d rather leave this up to you ;p

How about it then, Josh, tooley, the rest? Any thoughts on the map? Also, is there any group chat going on (S. mentioned something about a skype group before)? The Steam group chat seems pretty much abandoned these days…

Edit: how’s that?


Oh wow… All this information… IT NEEDS TO BE STORED IN OUR WIKI!!

I really like this map, and I was hoping I’d get my preupdate fixed before you get there. But I couldn’t get it to work. Can anyone pls make a new pre update that fking works?

And yes, we do have a Skype group, which is the most active communication center of SourceRuns at the moment.


Definitely a fun map, indeed. (Save for the fact that vortigaunt)

I’m personally looking forward to the strider battle myself.

For the first segment, you might also want to keep an eye on the location of the vortigaunt and alyx. I have no idea how this works though, but they make this map no-fun. You’d want them nearby.

Also eXeC, i will update the wiki on this map at some point, like i did for _12

Also yeah, there’s a skype group. Although it isn’t open so you have to be invited.

Steam is dead. Me, Cameron and Coolkid are also in #sourceruns IRC (same server as SDA and SRL, dont know the address), which is public. If Cameron could replace the link on the homepage with that?


In that case I think I’ll hang around on IRC again from now on (I’m guessing #sourceruns on qnet.org).

I’ll have another look at the preupdate version soon. That is because I just noticed that nowadays I can’t use my preupdate version with the up-to-date steam GCFs either. It’ll complain about a wrong id for a caption file. Replacing it with an older one lets you run EP2, but textures and models are all messed up. I have to use my old backups for it to run properly. I’ll create a version with minimal overlap, i.e. replacing all files which are different in the current steam version. After that works for you I’ll highly recommend you do as I did and just make a backup of all necessary GCFs for EP2 and use these for emulation from then on so new game updates won’t mess up the version again.


I think it’s irc.metroid2002.com

And keep going on this. I hope you’ve seen my bounty as well?


I’m on irc.speeddemosarchive.com now. And yes, I saw your bounty :> What was it again, though? 50 bucks?


Yes, it is the SDA IRC which is irc.speeddemosarchive.com


It’s not possible to glitch through the map. You cannot skip to the trigger which changes the level. The only way to finish the map is doing it. No way to skip.
There is a playerclip that perfectly blocks everything. It gets disabled when player pushes the button inside the elevator.
Hint: Orange shit is playerclip.

The trigger is tightly sealed and there is no way to get inside.

But if you REALLY want to go on the playerclip, you could propfly on it with those barrels on the entrance.

But there is a giant playerclip blocking almost everything…

But I have no idea am I right, because I used the latest version of the map. If anybody would be kind enough and upload the maps you guys are using, so I could take a look at the map’s logic. Maybe find a faster route.


O.O blinks O.O



Thanks for taking the map apart, Mehis :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately, we are indeed running the same maps as the ones in the Steam version of EP2. I thought we might be able to do the same thing we did on ep2_outland_01a, i.e. get below the room where the level trigger is located and somehow clip through the floor or even touch the trigger from the outside.

If Valve continues on their path and really seals off every map like this in the future then EP3/HL3 won’t be too much fun to run.


Oh ok, I didn’t know that. I can take a look on the other maps as well then. And yes, I’m pretty sure there is no way to glitch through solid brushes. I guess what you mean by texture glitch is going through displacements (bumpy ground, cliffs, etc.) Most famous example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPoKaoJu0m4&t=0m14s


I’m still quite surprised that you guys don’t decompile the maps. :stuck_out_tongue:
It makes your life quite a lot easier when you know the map logic and from there base your speedrun.


I’ve decompiled and looked at the maps before when needed, it’s not a totally new idea, don’t worry :wink:


Figured you might want to SPD the pickaxe anyway, even if you’re doing the ABH 2 maps later.

Reason being that pickaxe accelerates you faster than anything, so use it to start off the long ABH into the tunnel after the dialogue skip?


Agreed. Even if we won’t end up using it I guess it won’t slow us down to get it in outland_02 either.


After 10 months and 16 days, the Wiki finally gets an article about the Texture glitch;

Now, about that outland_05 article…



Explanations about clipbrushes, map route (or strats) and teleporting guide is needed.


Enjoyed the texture glitch. I never knew about the debug menu. Nice find.