“Different objects can give you different speeds/heights when their physics are deformed, so it’s recommended that you use the pickaxe itself for this Glitch.”


I’d fix that but this is too funny

Edit: “The second Antlion Guard will show up as soon as you kill the first one, from the mining shaft in the opposite direction.”



This glitch was part of the engine, not just HL2. I have images of places in Day of Defeat Source and Counter-Strike Source where you could clip OoB using this glitch. Should I update the wiki with that info? The reason I’m questioning it is that it may not be pertinent to speedrunning.


Yes, it’s okay mentioning it.


As for SPD, vaguely place the end of the pick in the direction you need to fly in and crouch jump onto the very tip end of the handle, sometimes it shoots you toward a rock slope which sends you flying high and sometimes it just throws you a couple of meters, it’s kinda a mix of luck and strategy.