Ep2_outland 01a


Well at the very least you could use the spd to get a speed boost at the beginning of that long tunnel. There’s no point in not getting the axe.


Use the axe to give you a speed boost which you use to start the ABH, you can already be doing twice the speed of light when you leave the tunnel!


Got a 22s by the way. Kinda happy with it… kinda, going to keep trying.


When I sub 22s on this map I’m going to move on.

EDIT: This segment is driving me crazy.


Could you upload the demos of your last segments so I can update the table, video, etc. again?


Josh did the first segment >.>

Segment 2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6432493/Ep2%20Demo's/ep2_outland_01a_seg2_TYPICAL_11%2C7s.rar

Segment 3: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6432493/Ep2%20Demo's/ep2_outland_01a_seg3_TYPICAL_22s.rar


Is there anything special we need to keep in mind for the last segment (items we need to pick up) or can we just proceed to the end of the map while trying to take as little damage as possible?

Edit: I’ll summarize. ABH through a cavern where you basically get stuck at every little clip they put into the map. If you’re lucky enough not to get caught by one of the barnacles (after all, everything is backwards so the only way to avoid them is by being lucky…), you only have to make it past a sheer horde of two of the most annoying enemy classes in the game: antlions and antlion workers. What a treat.


Alright, I’m taking over. If you don’t like a segment: deal with it, i.e. pick up the game and help me run it :stuck_out_tongue:

For my sanity’s sake I decided to split the last segment into two. The first one ends at the last barnacle in the room. The last segment spans until the end of the map, duh. I would have said 14s was easily possible for the last segment, and it probably is, but I can’t for the life of me get there. The luck element that factors into this level is just too high. So I ended up with a 15s segment. If no one objects strongly I’ll move on to ep2_outland_02 with these demos. I’m not too excited about waiting 3+ months until someone might decide to run this again and (maybe) get a segment which then turns out to be only a second or so faster.

I’m gonna capture the remaining clips for this map and then update the map times thread once I’m done. Cheers.


Good initiative. I’ve been waiting for this revival.


How’s this going? Are you planning to get this segment anytime soon? Perhaps it’s time to move on?


As I said in my last post if no one objects or comes up with a faster segment I consider this map done, meaning we can officially move to ep2_outland_02. Did you figure out your problems with the preupdate version?


I’m willing to run the next map, if I’m going to get the preupdate working (haven’t really tried doing that yet). I don’t feel like running this map anyway, because I suck at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Once we get to more spacious areas, I’ll be glad to help! :slight_smile:


Right, I moved on to outland_02 (again). Even got a 2 second improvement out of the rerun of the last two segments of outland_01a, and most-importantly of course a proper savegame for outland_02. I’ll upload demos, save and clips when I get home.