Ep2_outland 01a


My internet has gone down and won’t be back up until like next week. I’ve been working on the run a bit. But if you’re wondering why I’m not around… IT’S BECAUSE SKY IS A BAD ISP! >:(


Best time for the current segment! :smiley:

I VOTE TO MOVE ON with this:


Agreed! Moving on!


Oooh, progress. Guess it’s time to boot Windows and capture some clips again then :wink:

Edit: You mind posting the demo + save of this, tooley?


LOL! Yeah sure. I’m think that’s the first time I’ve done that! :o


EDIT: Foust wanted a route demo of the current segment so HERE YOU GO GUISE:


Trust me. Way better “times” to be had! (I’M SO FUCKING FUNNY)


typical you really have eyes on your butt :o


What an asshole of a segment this is :E The squealing sound of these bugs is unbearable and I’m getting so pissed off that this game does not have an option to NOT switch to a picked up weapon. Would be peachy if you could just waltz into the weapon chamber, grab the explosive barrel and blow up the wood covering the the tunnel. Instead, it continuously switches from gravity gun to whatever item you pick up next.


A way better route demo.



I’m in awe. My attempts didn’t look nearly as good as this. What about the two grenades under the table though? Do we already have plans to use them? Looks to me like this is the real bottle neck on the segment.



Even thought I’m drunk I’m going to describe where all 5 grenades get used. (YES 5!).

The first one gets used where you boost around to Gman or wall climb over. You get punished more for wall climbing.

The 2nd one is getting over a (INVSIBLE CLIP) and surfing along a cliff in order to get a decent abh start.

The 3rd one is to enter the helicopter vs speed runner fight scene.

The 4th one is a grenade which we use to destroy planks which really help our escape from cutscene’s.

Save’s us being blown up by Combine’s.

The 5th one is to jump over part of the debris which prevents us from accessing the ability to raid the cannon snipers to quickly.


Are you sure about that? There is usually a console command to disable/enable autoswitching.


in cs 1.6 it’s _cl_autoweaponswitch 0. Notice the underscore before the actual command.


Got a 23.7 but I have no toobz in my current place in staffs. I think I’m going to try and aim for a 22.X!

Then I’m going to move on without being able to say anything. HOPE NO ONE MINDS. :-[


Good newz !!!1


I managed to get a 22s for the current segment.

I have also started work on the last segment for this map and so far I’ve managed a 24s. It’s pretty hard to perfect though because there’s so much stuff I’ve got to be able to do from memory.

Will hopefully look badass, and yeah it is harder than the last segment. 8)


I’m glad to hear about progress. Been waiting for an EP2 run for quite some time.
Really looking forward to a completed run. Especially maps like these » http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EadrIxu8xOk


…Does that remove the need for spd axe? :frowning:


ABH removes the need for everything.

In our mimp phase 1, for instance, we had several wallclimbs to get to places. However, in phase 2 we realized we can just ABH and go higher, further and faster than we ever could using traditional techniques. If you just ABH each segment long enough you’re bound to eventually get some crazy bug and crush the time you had originally set out for yourself. Seriously, it’s all about ABH.


I don’t think so. Spd takes you further and the abh he did there is actually to seperate abh.

Spd takes you to the finish like! ;D


ABH could easily get to the finish of that map, with a little more optimisation and luck. And you have to account for the time taken to actually SPD the axe compared to the usual way, and to carry it around. I’m scared ABH is faster.


ABH is always faster, no matter how cool the alternate route is. That’s what’s so sad.