Okay. It’s the first map and I feel that’s the best way to start.Intro Time: 101 SecondsThis is the time from the HL2 Logo to the “Undue Alarm” section. Everyone hates having to go through the intro over and over so we might as well set a standard point to load from. I think the Chapter Text is a good point.You can find a save and the intro demo here:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2093852591/ep…el_00_intro.zipI’ll post a demo of my route in a few moments, remember to use the HL2DQ uploader for your demos.http://hl2dq.net/upload.phpAttempt #1:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/70643165/ep1_…el_00_7m55s.zipSeems the fastest route is to, as soon as the grav gun is picked up, is to jump from that small platform, across the gap and onto the raised ledge. There are two points in this map where much is possible. Start and Finish. Unless it’s possible to teleport the silly cow around.I think the best possible time would be around 7min50sec. Perhaps a little lower if we can teleport her.


Fuck, one run which goes for 8 minutes, thats insane, you can watch Quake Done Quick faster than that!! :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe somebody can make a video file of this run?



I guess it’s phase one has begun?Or all tricks and glitches are found and this is phase two already ?


I think its P2 :(Damn you PROViSION, learn how to crack the game completely, including the engine! :stuck_out_tongue:



Also, I’ve not found any other short cuts.


I still haven’t been able to complete EP1 since my graphics card doesn’t let me play 3D games anymore…I would like to join this project when I get a new graphics card and all that (if any runner is active on this run…)…but is this project alive?EDIT:Yes!!! I got my graphics card running properly again, I will start playing EP1 now again!EDIT2:I just completed EP1 now, it was quite short (not a surprise, just stating the obvious).I’ll check your demos some day and see what this run would be like…


Adding off of the first save, i have just found a glitch that skips the whole TV scene.Heres the demo + save. :)Sure owns the other guys run :slight_smile:http://www.freewebs.com/bob00200/demo.rarorhttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/341113855/demo.rarEDITAnother glitch i found :)I fall down the whole citadel without getting hurt… not sure if this can help but i will upload anywayhttp://www.freewebs.com/bob00200/demo%202.rarorhttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1304334316/demo%202.rar


Ill check these demos out when I get a steam emulator. I will probably start when we get the c17.


I can’t seem to find a way to get past after skiping the TV scene. Sience alyx won’t come now (idiot) i’m stuck. Im trying to find a way to the next load point but sience dog is supposed to throw the car and that thing breaks, nothing is happening.


before we began to run, lets post demos of some shortvuts first, found a focus for the last strider part, will upload soon


Dude, there are HEAPS of demo on the forum.


I tried to open the demo using timedemo in console but its not workingcan u tell me how to start/open/stop video in HL?


Type “demoui” in console or press shift + f2.


how do i record my own demo? and how to stop recording it?


Start recording with “startmovie” and stop it with “stop”. It’s probably useful to bind those commands, for example “bind a startmovie”. Then press A to start recording.You can find all cliend-side HL2 console commands here.


Im getting a cracked steam/emulator, so I will hopefully having a fully working Ep1 by next week :slight_smile: