Seg 1 Route Demo Save File

  1. Leave Alyx to talk shit to Barney. Grab one of the black suitcases
  2. When Alyx has opened the door and drop down, crouch with the suitcase just above her head. You need to teleport her as soon as she starts walking. She’ll teleport to the top of the stairs. It’s a difficult one.
  3. When Alyx has wished Barney good luck, you should try to teleport her again over to opening the gate. Again, difficult. These two aren’t necessary, but will obviously make a faster time and you lose nothing from failing at them
  4. When she drops the gate, bunnyhop down the corridor, drop the suitcase and turn the valve as soon as you can. If done fast enough, you can get it so as soon as Alyx is able to crawl under it, she will. The strider spawns here, so we want it done as fast as possible
  5. Use the suitcase to wallclimb up onto the ledge above the valve (Watch route demo)
  6. Grab a barrel, drop down into the next area, then wallclimb over the fence, over the train and jump onto the ladder, have rocket launcher out too.

Seg 2 Route Demo Save File

  1. Get out rocket launcher, climb the ladder, and start pelting the shit out of the strider
  2. Make sure you don’t pick up more than one rocket at a time, so you’re always fast rocketing it. Use the crate if you need.
  3. When it dies, quickly run to Alyx. She’ll come to you and start talking. Then go to the console so when she follows you, she’s near it
  4. As soon as she goes on the console, get into the train, wait for her to join you
  5. As soon as the train sets off, stop the demo and make a save (Just for the rest of it, not an officially timed segment but we need it in the video)

Italics means it’s optional

Extra Info:

Yeah, the route demo’s one demo, but it’s obviously not perfect. We might need to check out when the strider can first be damaged, because it seems to me it’s only at a certain point, which is why I waited in the demo.

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 1:02 Phase 1 time: 1:33

Segment 2: TTB: 0:35 Phase 1 time: 0:55

Final Time: ?:??
Phase 1 Time: ?:??
Time saved from Phase 1: ?:??

Edit: updated ttb with 35s by Fox


FINAL MAP, FINAL MAP! GET HYPE! :lol: :lol: :lol:








I was messing around a little, and I found that you can teleport Alyx after she talks with Barney, closer to her opening the door for you to go through. Timed it and it only saves around 0.8 seconds, but still, it’s something. I’m thinking I might record some things and maybe splice a video together of a bunch of ideal demos.EDIT: Youtube There ya go. It’s not perfect, but it shows all the teleports.


http://www.filefront.com/15647221/myroute.demSlightly different route that I’m using.


Tired of running tonight. Best time I’ve got is 1:10 with no teleports. Here there are some little time saving stuff if you didn’t found it yet:- As seen in TYPICAL’s demo, use a suitcase to teleport and throw the other one to the wallclimb spot. It’s hard to make it land in place, but after a while I learned the right angle to launch it. Doing this you can sprint and get more speed when bhoping the corridor.- Instead of a suitcase you can use a food can / bottle to teleport (I find them easier).- When you are turning the valve, it’s possible to move back a bit without stopping the turn (no need to stay close)- Finally if you manage to drop the suitcase “on foot” wallclimbing is much faster.Come on GO FOR IT !!


Tomorrow, I’ll give it another shot, I haven’t looked at typicals demo yet either.


http://www.filefront.com/15657519/ep1_c17_…YPICAL_1m2s.rarXDI did that something or other boost by accident. Now I know it exists it’s pretty easy to get consistently. I’m settling with this time though. Feel free to draw from it and beat it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great find!1:00 would be possible with perfect teleports + boost climb, not sure about sub 1minAre we below 36 mins now Inex? :smiley:


He told me that most we can end up with now is 35:40.


We’re certainly below 36 minutes, even counting the 15.5 seconds added on from all the extra segments we used. Using Tooley’s demo, we’re now on 35:42 (Not including the extra segment time), which uses my route guide for the second segment. We can decrease this even further, so it depends how quickly we do the next segment. I’d say if we can utterly own the strider, we can get to maybe 35:30 or something :)Just watched Typical’s demo, and that’s fucking amazing. Really well done :). The teleport you miss saves approximately 1.5-2 seconds, so I’d say that 1:00 is possible, but I’d think 1:01 acceptable, do you think?


I’m happy with it to be honest. Anyone else is free to keep running.EDIT: Update the ttb.


I can’t do the jump TYPICAL did instead of the 2nd wallclimb :confused:


I’ll see if I can make a guide about it later and I’ll put it up on youtube.


Can’t get a better time so I’m ok to move on. Yes TYPICAL, this is some kind of pressure :smiley:


Ah well. Does anyone else need me to make that guide? :huh:


I’d like if you made it anyway. C’moonn, no point slacking off for the last few segments. We know the time can be beaten by at least a second, don’t we want to get that second? D:


Uh, yeah, where is that guide, I’ve been waiting for it.