Seg 1 Route Demo Save File

  1. Run through the door, gravity gun the lower plank of wood, then press use on the higher one. Should get you through without losing speed if you jump just before pressing use
  2. Run behind the truck to activate Barney talking, then open crates and whatnot to get stocked up
  3. Break the crates into one small sliver of wood, and get ready to use that to teleport Barney
  4. Don’t teleport him as soon as he starts walking. Wait till he’s on the hill, then try. There are a couple of points where he can be teleported, so keep it pressed on his head. He’ll go right to the bottom of the stairs
  5. Once he’s teleported, drop the wood and go restock rockets from the box (DO NOT PICK UP ANY ON THE GROUND)
  6. Run through the trainyard, stack two barrels in the corner where Alyx waits with that gun. Check the route demo
  7. Go open the other crates, then wait and get the citizens in
  8. Run back to the outside area, and do a mortar (smg nade) jump off the wall across the area to get to civilians faster
  9. Again, run back, maybe use some crates in the broken cars to get more armour
  10. Run to the barrels, jump on them and shoot the combine from there. The civilians will still walk to you and you can help them from where you are
  11. Once the civilians are safe, jump up onto the ledge above the ground and use it to get back quickly
  12. Once outside, fire a rocket, navigating your way to pick up civilians AS your rocket goes to the sniper
  13. Pick up civilians, run to the trainyard, but before going in, stop and get out the magnum
  14. Slowly edge your way out until the elite combine can be seen, but he hasn’t fired the orb. Shoot him with the magnum (use zoom view if necessary) and kill him, so he won’t shoot the orb at the train to make it drop
  15. Run through to the end, jump on the barrels and wait till civilians are safe
  16. Jump onto ledge again, run into the room with the basket of health, TAKE OUT ROCKET LAUNCHER and stop the segment and save

Seg 2 Route Demo Save File

  1. Sprint forward and shoot at rocket behind the car and curve it down to kill the combine on the other side
  2. Prepare for the ac (armoured car) to appear, and shoot a rocket so that it hits it as soon as it appears (or near enough to)
  3. Walk onto the rocket on the left side of the rocket crate while holding fire, this allows you to fire the rocket as soon as you pick it up, much faster than reloading anything
  4. Have the rocket hit the ac and then grab the rocket on the right-hand side and fire it
  5. As that hits, press use on the crate of rockets, and start sprinting towards the building to get civilians. You pick up the rockets even when you’re not near the crate as long as you opened it, so hold fire and fast rocket at the ac while sprinting to get civvies.
  6. Get them, then bunnyhop over to the doorway, grab a hopper and chuck it at one of the citizens to kill them. Go into the trainyard and watch the door for the combine.
  7. A little after the second beep, throw the grenade, then pick it up with your gravity gun and at the right time punt it into the area with combine in
  8. Any surviving kill with whatever weapon you like, so the civilian can get through the area quickly
  9. Once the civilian is rescued, go back to get more. Ignore the combine to begin with until you have civilians, then use a rocket to kill a couple of the combine. Or use whatever you want, just make sure you use one rocket at some point
  10. Grab a remaining hopper and punt it at both civilians and kill them both, leaving just Barney. Get health and everything, then kill the two combine on top of the train
  11. Make sure Barney gets to the end quickly
  12. Once in the last room, smash open the boxes, grab a suitcase and teleport Alyx to the door panel, then when she walks back to her position be very close to her. The nearer you are, the quicker the map ends
  13. Stop demo and save when the next map loads

Italics means it’s optional

Extra Info:

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 2:26 Phase 1 time: 2:46

Segment 2: Completed: 1:42 Phase 1 time: 2:13

Final Time: 4:08
Phase 1 Time: 4:59
Time saved from Phase 1: 0:51

Edit: Finished map.


Put me down. Fuck, I’ve been looking forward to this one :smiley:


Put me on the list of runners.


Added you guys in. After playing for a while, I was playing much slower using those barrels than when I just go normally. I’ve stopped using them. Anyone finding them faster can obviously use them, but I’ve managed to get my time down to 157 seconds, or 2:37. The time for the Phase 1 was 2:46, so 9 seconds saved. My demo has a few mistakes in that should… if done brilliantly, maybe get us down to 153 or so, then with just better NPC co-operation maybe sub-150.2:37EDIT: Did some more running. 2:34. I think we might be able to sub 2:30 if we do it really well.


Got a 2:33. I’ll upload at some point.EDIT: DemoEDIT2: 2:31. Ran it some more. held up the citizens killing the elite combine, so sub 2:30 is definitely possible.


I’ve run it for a while, i’ll keep trying :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m working on segment 2, trying to get the best route for it atm. Someone beat my 2:31 ffs ¬_¬. I added something to the route guide. Right at the end, please please please try and finish the segment with the rocket launcher out. We’ll need to use it really soon in the next segment, so if you have it out and ready it’ll be much easier :slight_smile:


I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’m so bad at this segment. >.>


Same, it’s such a bitch.


I guess I propose moving on? I don’t want the segment, but I’m kinda doubting it’ll be beaten. It was a good segment.Edit: 1000th :DEDIT2: 2:28. Gonna keep running, think I can get a couple of seconds out of it. This segment is so random. This didn’t feel like an amazing run, and I got this time, and yet I got one that felt absolutely brilliant, and got 2:45.


I’d take best time over good looking anyday. Btw, 1001st


Okay guys, I’ve ran it a fair bit more, and I just can’t beat it. I propose moving on.


Fine. Agreed to move on. B)


Well, as I said in steam, I’m for moving on. Maybe 2-3 seconds could be improved, but the NPCs love to hang on and Inex managed to do a run where they move almost perfectly so it would be really hard to improve it.


2:26, will upload at some point. I couldn’t let a run looking that bad into the run, and I managed to improve it by another 2 seconds :D. I’m gonna work on it a bit more, see if I can get another second or so off it.


Shouldn’t you be gone. :angry: and coming back on Saturday or am I making up stories again. <_<


I’m leaving Saturday. Coming back wednesday.


Just a small note about the two ways of getting to “the exit” door. (The door you have to go through after just delivering some citizens.)While the overhead route is partially quicker it is also a lot harder while going the normal way is a tiny bit slower it is also a lot easier. The difference in speeds really depends on your skill level of course but I did a TSA of each and a perfect bottom route takes 3.6 seconds to do and the top route takes 3.4 when done perfectly. TL;DR you might as well take the low road. :wink:


Since you all fail without me, for I am sexy, I’m pretty sure I got agreement from everyone about moving on. So yeah, onto segment 2, well done me.Pretty sure Typical has some crazy shit planned for this segment to make it damn fast, including killing citizens and whatnot


Edit: Realised that the post was gay.http://www.filefront.com/15615279/undefinedAlso 2:08. My target at the moment is to try and get 2:05 or lower. Mostly because Barney moves like a cunt when I can’t just aimbot everything on TSA. <_<