2:01. Sub-2 mins definitely.


Heh. 1:47. Okay, so make sure you involve killing citizens in this. Use a hopper to kill one on the first trip, then the other hopper to kill both on the next. I did it by accident, as you can see by my looking at Barney and going wtf. But I improved my time by 14 seconds, which is clearly a fair bit :P. Improvements I can see are failing a little less killing the ac at the beginning, and killing more of the combine so Barney doesn’t shoot at them so much after I kill the 2 citizens.


And again we go. 1:42. I don’t think I can improve it past this really. Yeah, maybe getting more health, but I think we can manage on the next map.I propose to move on with this.


Vote to move on. :frowning:


Lurker reporting in.Just like to say great work on the run guys. It’s nearing an end now and I’m really excited to see it nearly complete because I’ve lurked here for a while and I was absolutely positive that Ep1 was never going to get done, imagine my surprise when I performed one of my monthly ‘I should let go but maybe there is a tiny chance they’re going to do it’ checks, and you guys actually WERE starting it ^_^Since then I’ve been downloading and watching every demo you’ve put up on the site, which has made me even more eager to watch the finished result.


Heh, thanks dude. Always great to have supporters and know people care about us. We are so loved.Anyway, I’ve thought about it, and I don’t want to move on with that demo. It looks crappy and I think we can get a second or two off it, so I say keep running.


I’ve been trying for hours the past two days. And seriously, yesterday maybe 8 hours, today 2 hours so far and more to come, to match or beat that time and the closest I’ve come is a 1:44. I’m going to keep going, just because I want to beat the time. I also found that an explosive barrel can kill the citizens, not just hoppers, but it seems it can only do it at different places to the citizens… just experiment with it, if you’re running it. It works and makes the second run where you have to kill both a little easier since you can keep trying.


There, I matched it with a far better looking run. Propose moving on, because the demo is a fucking fast time and it doesn’t look shit. For download, look at any of the previous links for the demo.


Right. Everyone confirmed apart from Typical and since he was fine with the old 1:42 I’ll assume he is with the new one. Will update and make new topic.


I was at work.