Seg 1 Route Demo Save File

  1. Open the door, bunnyhop down the corridor and turn left
  2. Fire an orb into the first area to kill the zombies and the 2 combine
  3. Bunnyhop down the corridor, use shotgun to kill combine if necessary, then run through the doorway and activate the gunship.
  4. Nick the girl’s rocket launcher soon as she dies. You can take it without it dropping down
  5. Now just your own skills and methods. Kill the gunship as fast as you can. Don’t miss a shot, don’t spend too long waiting to see it. We need FAST
  6. When the gunship is dead, grab all the health and stuff in crates (Along with maybe the crates before the gunship you left alone earlier)
  7. When the door starts beeping, get a grenade ready. You want it to explode just as the door blows open and the combine storm in. (Best to do it just after the 3rd beep.
  8. Run in, dive for the blue barrier
  9. Stop demo and save

Seg 2 Route Demo Save File

  1. Leave the crate, go to the lockers, get health armour and stuff, then go back and wait for the barrier to drop
  2. Bunnyhop on top of the crate for a speed boost, and go down the corridor. If done fast enough, there should be no combine yet. Bunnyhop down that corridor too
  3. Get your pulse rifle out as you fly through the air and use an orb against the zombies
  4. Go through the room, open the cabinet to get health and a mortar if you’re quick enough, but don’t waste time with it
  5. Go through to the next corridor, avoid the zombies
  6. Go down and a little past the doors, then go back and you can open them
  7. If you feel like it kill zombies, then drop down the hole, and before the floor collapses, turn and grab one of the benches that’s on the side.
  8. Drop down with it
  9. Stop demo and save

Seg 3 Route Demo Save File

  1. Drop the bench perpendicular to the wall
  2. Move to the side and hold jump, you should get a boost up
  3. Wallclimb with it (Or if you got lucky, you might have gotten a megaboost straight up) through the small gap onto the next floor
  4. Run straight into the next corridor, switch to the rocket launcher and go through the doorway
  5. Stop the demo and save

Seg 4 Route Demo Save File

  1. Drop down and use a rocket to blow up the door behind the poison zombie
  2. Switch to grav gun and use the cinder block to kill the zombine on the left
  3. Navigate through the corridors, up to the hoppers and jump over them
  4. Choose to either use a rocket to get the plug, or just grav gun it, or do what you like against it
  5. Run to the end of the map and save and stop demo

Italics means it’s optional

Extra Info:

Make sure you do the last segment before Alyx gets herself killed. You’ll have to be very quick to do it methinks.

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 1:12

Segment 2: Completed: 0:26

Segment 3: Completed: 0:07

Segment 4: Completed: 0:11

Final Time: 1:56
Time saved from Phase 1: 2:16

Edit: Finished map.


http://www.filefront.com/15125547/tsa_ep1_.rar70 something seconds. There’s about two more seconds of optimisation but as I always say. It’ll give everyone something to aim for!


http://www.filefront.com/15129197/undefined75s of pure real time. I’m so good at this game, I mean seriously?


A good run, but I think we can beat it by about 3-5 seconds. The rocket launcher messup is pretty obvious and loses a couple of seconds. Sometimes the gunship doesn’t go perfectly and you have to wait a bit for it to come into view. I say we can get maybe 70s?


Maybe? Pretty tall order… but probably possible. Anyway, I’ll probably just run it till I get something that doesn’t look like a mistake in it. cough a dropped the rocket launcher. What about you Inex?


Yeah, same. We’re in no rush, and I know we can improve it. I’m getting much faster with the gunship, so it’s only a matter of time :smiley:


Got a 74. I don’t want to save it, because it’s shite and ends with 65 health due to stupid combine ¬_¬. I got a pretty much perfect gunship fight. Everything else sucked really. I say 71 is a good aim really :slight_smile:


1:12. Got the 72s run, but I’m not letting us accept that. I only uploaded it to show my gunship fight and how I got the time. The ending of the run is awful. I finish with 50-something health, no suit, 2 rockets, and when you load the save Alyx runs off to kill the combine left alive still.71 or 72, with full health, bit of suit, 3 rockets, and a working Alyx is my aim :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Won’t be able to run much till Friday though. :frowning:


Well I think we can slow down the pace a bit for the holidays :P. Friday I’m going to Scotland, staying till Tuesday the 22nd, then a few days till Christmas, a few days after that she’s coming down for a week, so I won’t be around much :stuck_out_tongue:


62 health, 41 suit, 72 seconds, all rockets. Depends how much we want the full health for it I guess? 1:12EDIT: Actually, we grab a crate and get a healthpack, then in the locker there’s a health vial. We get up to 97 health. Surely enough?


Indeed. Focus on time.


Back from Scotland. I should have mentioned I was willing to move on with that time. Opinions?




Updated with new route guide, working on a route demo. Our main problem with this segment is keeping Alyx alive. I’ve taken to just running through the level, killing what I can without forsaking speed, and finishing and just waiting to see if Alyx dies or not.


Block the route with a door.


Never mind with the bedside cabinet thingy. That jump is far too hard and too slow. I’ve found a different way, it’ll require grabbing one of the benches from the midlevel, just after you fall through the hole, before the floor beneath you collapses. Skip :smiley:


Tooley has a few changes to the route to make it faster, I’ll leave it to him to link a demo. :smiley:


Heh. It’s pretty tricky to TSA and college has been beating me down a bit at the moment. Since I’m not working weekends for awhile you’ll definitely get something by then. :slight_smile:


3 snow days in a row baby :D. Went in Monday, going in Friday :slight_smile: