You can shove that snow right up your ass. I never get snow.


My hands hurt. Too much snow.


http://www.filefront.com/15329353/ep1_c17_…TYPICAL_27s.rarMy first nomination for the segment. It’s pretty tricky but so entertaining. B)


Definitely a great route, apart from at the end where you ignore the door and destroy the crate for no reason? I counted around 3 seconds lost from that, door area overall, and maybe another second from random mistakes. I’d say a minimum of 23 seconds, probably 24 is achievable?


Yeah… Mainly uploaded so everyone has a clue on variation of how the map could be done.


THIS Is how you kill zombie’s.http://www.filefront.com/15378877/zombwnd.dem


http://www.filefront.com/15378959/ep1_c17_…TYPICAL_28s.rarALSDFLAK. Why is this slower? I need confirmation. =(


Probably because you spent longer on the cabinet getting health, along with still messing around with the door after. I’d say 25s judging from that demo, but who knows. I do know we can beat that by a minimum of 2 seconds though


Also, found something that only improves by .28 of a second, but it’s still something. At the very start of the segment, run forward into the corner between the shotguns and the barrier. This makes Alyx not pause before running around the corner, and she gets her shotgun quicker, meaning the barrier drops a bit quicker.


Got a 26s, Alyx lives. 25 is possible, but hard. I’m gonna keep trying these, maybe get a cleaner 26 and 25 if I get lucky. What do you guys think? I’ll upload my 26 later.EDIT: In fact, I’m pretty happy with this 26. A few hangups, but nothing that makes me think I’d get it down enough for 25 really. 0:26Oh yeah, in case you weren’t in group chat last night, Typical realised that the mortar jump was actually losing us time, since we can get close to that speed with bunnyhopping, and we were going past the door and having to wait to collect health and that mortar.


I’m so bold. Anyway, it would definitely save time if we did a jump after getting out of that hole. I figure we should do it there because there’s plenty of health in the dead time after. :slight_smile:


So yeah, I put forward my 0:26 to move on with. What do you guys think?


Okay, everyone on the runner’s list has agreed to move on with my 0:26. Well done me. Onto the third segment. I’ll write a shitty route guide. You guys tell me what to fix with it.


http://www.filefront.com/15398609/demo0.demAnother trick for the masses.


Right guys, we were talking and we’ve decided to split this 3rd segment into 2. One including the wallclimb until just before entering the poison crab room, and one for the rest of the map. It’s just too difficult to do the wallclimb and manage a good segment afterwards. I have a 10 seconds for the wallclimb segment, but I think we can get it down to 9, maybe 8.


The wall climb makes me cry. I’ll run it a bit more.


hello,i´ve made a 9 second run for the 3. segment. maybe you want to watch it.demo:http://www.filefront.com/15400315/ep1_c17_…g3_miraj_9s.demyoutube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDJULuCcQAQ


I approve.


Great run. That run is 9.225 seconds long. There’s enough hangups and mistakes there for us to get an 8 second run, so I say we aim for that, then move on, unless anyone thinks we can get 7?


This place is dead… Who votes to move on? I do.