Seg 1 Route Demo Save File

  1. Sprint right, then forward and go through the door
  2. Go left, grab the small canister thingy with gravity gun
  3. Go through doorway and punt at the combine
  4. You can possibly open the door before the combine do. Only seems to matter sometimes though
  5. Punt the canister thing at the combine. Timing starts when Alyx gets to the centre of the room and starts talking, which only happens when the combine are all dead, so kill them quick.
  6. Grab all the ammo, health, armour, grenades etc, you should have 100 health and armour
  7. Press up against the door. You can get right against it if in the right position
  8. Soon as the door blows up, you should take no damage and the combine should be in the right position to run straight down the left
  9. Sprint through the doorways, skip the combine with the shotgun and just run up the right hand side
  10. Go through the rooms etc, when you drop down grab a regular barrel from the bunch of them
  11. Bunnyhop across to the antlion pit and wallclimb up the wall there
  12. Get on the roof, go around the clipping and drop down
  13. Sprintcrawl through the hole

Seg 2 Route Demo Save File

  1. A choice on what to do
    a. Grab the vent covering and punt it away, grab the hopper and crouch into the vent. Then go forward, don’t turn right straight away. Go into the second part of the vent backwards, so the hopper is facing away from the direction of motion. Then begin jumping and turn around. The hopper should boost you forward and give you speed.
    b. If you don’t want to do that, just punt the vent covering and sprintcrawl into the vent, then wallrun along the walls of the vent to increase speed muchos.
  2. Grab the vent covering from the top and punt it away
  3. Jump up and over the barrels
  4. Walk into the elevator then immediately step out once you’ve activate it to start falling. You should stay on the same level while the elevator falls, then just go forward and to the left and climb the ladder
  5. Go into the other vent (Sprint crawl), you should keep the sprint up the whole way until it runs out
  6. Punt away the vent covering as soon as you can, so it will start the explosions quicker
  7. After the second explosion, drop down, grab and punt away the remaining flaming barrel.
  8. Run to the power box, grab the hopper when it jumps up and punt it away
  9. Turn on the power box, then run run run through the door, finish the level and etc.

Italics means it’s optional

Extra Info:

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 0:41

Segment 2: Completed: 0:33

Final Time: 1:14

Edit: Finished map, total time 1:14




http://www.filefront.com/14983611/ep1_c17_…TYPICAL_43s.rar43s Goodness. So many mistakes here that 42 must be possible. May do TSA as the amount of perfection here could be so awesome to watch :ph43r:http://www.filefront.com/14983759/tsatrick.dem^Also a tiny TSA trick to please random’s.


Yo, long time no see. Been kinda busy with other things lately. I hope I’ll be able to contribute a little more towards the end of the run again. However, I watched typical’s demo and think I have a little route improvement. Might be worth a try. I think I uploaded it before so you either didn’t see it or already dismissed it as a better route :stuck_out_tongue: It’s possible that it’s the same as with the grav jump in 00a where it felt faster but really wasn’t.ep1_c17_02_route_del_czry


Good to know you’re still around man. I’ll take a look at your route suggestion and edit the post.Any chance you can update the phase 2 map times thread with c17_01?


Will do.


It’s worth re running this for 42s. I’m like 90% sure it’s possible.


Wooooo. Go go go :smiley:


C’mooon, we can get this 42. We can’t let that 43 stand, it looks terrible! What makes it so fast? Does Alyx get there and talk super early? Whatever happens, we must beat it ^_^EDIT: Also, Niklas, I looked at your route, and from what I see it doesn’t seem to be as fast as the original, so we’ll keep what we have :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’ve been doing too much IRL shizzle in the past three days to be able to run much. I’m on it now. :)Edit: 41shttp://www.filefront.com/15004527/ep1_c17_…TYPICAL_41s.rar


I’m baaack. Watched your 41 Tooley, very nice run. You got caught on the stairs just after the shotgun soldier, but it was all quick and clean enough that it doesn’t matter. I vote to move on :slight_smile:


Same. Looking forward to the next segment. :lol:


Okay, CooL has agreed to move on. Grats Typical, save file is on the front page guys. 26 seconds improvement on the Phase 1 for this map already, lets see what we can get for this part of it too! :smiley:


26 seconds already?


Indeed so. Remember though that in the Phase 1 suga had a large fail with the barrel and wallclimbing. The antlions nicked the barrel and everything, then he was really cautious about dropping down and everything. Still, pretty good :slight_smile:


Uhh. I would’ve memorised it if it was in better quality. :frowning:


Yeah, quality isn’t great, but it looks alright when you download it from Google Video. Watchable at least :).


Indeed. Now if they only knew how to fix the jitter. <_<


35s. I realised that instead of just sprinting in the vent, we can sprint and wallrun. Press against a wall and look at it at a certain angle, you move to about 44% faster ^__^.


I’ve ran it a bit but I haven’t got anything good yet. I’ll get back on it.