TSA time was 32s without ladder climbing. With it, it should be closer to 31s/30s. It could also be faster if someone can think of a faster way to get through vents without sprint crawling as I ran out of sprint. Hence why the TSA time is very close to our ttb at the moment.http://www.filefront.com/15073129/demo0.dem(I didn’t name it anything so it’s called demo0) <<I’ve managed to get a TSA time of 31s and I’ve also managed a new time of 34s in real time.[url=‘http://www.filefront.com/15080785/ep1_c17_02_seg2_TYPICAL_34s.rar’]http://www.filefront.com/15080785/ep1_c17…TYPICAL_34s.rar[/url]I don’t like this segment much. :frowning:


33s. I’m pretty happy with this run. Maybe a 32 or something?


I’m indifferent. This is pretty good for a real time run and I think we should move on. Anyone else?


Hm, just rewatched it and apart from tiny little millisecond differences, I can’t really see any improvements for it that’d get it down to 32. I vote to move on too. See what CooL says :slight_smile:




Contrary to his post above, CooL has now agreed to move on. Well done me, I’m awesome.Total time for the map: 1:14, an improvement of 1:02 from the Phase 1 time. We’re now 70% through the project :slight_smile:


70%!!! That’s awesome! Looking forward to the next map.