Seg 1 Route Demo Save File

  1. Load
  2. Fire the explosive barrel at the barred gate, try to take as little damage as possible
  3. Run forward and turn the valve to open the gate a little
  4. Gravity grab the valve, hope that no debris is covering it
  5. Pull it out of the room, running and placing it into the holder
  6. Turn it, and just before Alyx tells you to “Come on Gordon, crank that thing”, run through the gap (You may have to jump onto the railing to do this, or you may want to do that anyway as it could be faster)
  7. Turn and run forward, bunnyhopping towards the blockade
  8. Punt the metal away, crouch and you should retain speed
  9. Maybe break the crate and get some armour/ammo
  10. Punt the next piece of metal and run forward to activate the combine
    11. Grab a bin and punt it to the other side of the area for later
  11. Now, you have a choice:
    • Grab the metal and kill the combine with that
    • Grab a brick and kill them with that
    • Grab whatever else you want and kill them with whatever, or just shoot them. Though we should conserve ammo really, so I don’t recommend this, plus it’s slower usually
  12. When you’ve killed them, be at the end of the area, so the claws lift up
    14. If you’ve punted the bin across, grab it and begin bunnyhopping straight to the wall of debris
  13. If you didn’t punt the bin across, go around the van and grab the other bin and head to the wall of debris
  14. Wallclimb on top of the building
  15. Walk across to the next roof, the one a bit lower, and lay the bin down on its side

Seg 2 Route Demo Save File

  1. Use the bin to wallclimb (More flying here) across to the red roof. There’s clipping along most of it, so try and get further down it, or you can go over a section of the clipping too. I prefer to stand on top of the bin and then wallclimb. Helps me get across more consistently
  2. Bunnyhop across into the next area, then drop down to the ground
  3. Run to the doorway you’d normally enter from. This activates a trigger to activate the area
  4. Bunnyhop forward, hit the hill of rubble at an angle and collision boost over into the combine area
  5. Kill the combine and pretty much anything around
  6. Wait for Alyx to appear and walk forward some.
  7. Kill the antlions. But try to make it so you’re standing around in the centre of the barricade (The gap you can walk through) when you kill the last one. Alyx will walk up to you and start talking. You want her as close to the console as you can, but you have to be a certain distance away.
    7.5 Yes. You CAN teleport Alyx straight to the console as soon as she says “Glad that’s over”. I’ll redo route demo ¬_¬
  8. Soon as she takes down the forcefield, run through and activate the next map trigger
  9. Save and stop the demo

Italics means it’s optional

Extra Info: The antlions will continuously respawn until Alyx reaches the console. The fastest way to do this is to get Alyx to never stop until she reaches there. Try and kill ANY antlions and make her shoot them as little as possible, just get her to the console quick as possible.

Also, when you’ve killed the antlions, and Alyx puts her gun away and walks up to you, you need to run straight up to her. Make her walk as little distance as possible, obviously makes it quicker, as, as soon as she starts walking, she can be stopped, which is obviously quicker :smiley:

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 0:42

Segment 2: Completed: 1:12

Final Time: 1:54

Edit: Completed map.


Remember these are guidelines not actual definitive what you must do. =)


Yeah. If you find a way that works better for you, do it. Mention it to us, just so we can see if it’ll make a difference, but there’s loads of ways to go about it all


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6HCQTIG747 seconds. Looking at the demo, I made some mistakes and it probably could have been sub-45s. I will keep running, though, and let this at least start us off.


…That link is to a 2:38 run of _00a_seg2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, ran it a bit. Got a pretty sexy time of 44s. 0:44Maybe 2 seconds of mistakes with the combine there of grabbing the machinegun and having to switch back, then also grabbing the gun instead of the bin.But the double antlion boost makes up for it imo :smiley:




What’s happened here?


We shall see about this…


Indeed sir we shall.


I’m going to Scotland for the weekend. Will be back late Sunday. I know I’m writing this a little early, but meh. So you guys don’t count me as running at the moment, so if everyone else votes to move on, you have my vote too.


I doubt we’re gonna beat your time. I say, move on, I wanna do the next part.


I’d rather we wait until the weekend is over. I haven’t had any time to run it at all this week and would like to take a stab at it again.


We ain’t doing anything till you’re ready to move on.


Good to know everyone did lots of running while I was away. What’s the status? I don’t think I can improve this, so I’m just really waiting for everyone to do something and make their minds up :stuck_out_tongue:


You got lucky. I agree to move on. Was I even added to the runners list?


Did you ask me to add you?


I’m really unhappy with the outcome of this segment. Obviously the time is great, but it looks so bad when you had to switch between weapons, josh. It just looks so unpolished. The worst thing though is that, no matter what we would do, it’s virtually impossible to beat the time unless we get just as lucky and get the boost twice. It’s actually the reason I haven’t even tried the segment yet cause there’s no point if all you need to beat the time is luck.I’m honestly thinking we should consider using a slightly slower segment that simply looks cleaner. Eitherway, it’s a shitty situation :confused:


Hey, someone could get luckier and not mess up the fight, there’s nothing stopping us. I don’t think it looks as truly godawful unacceptable as you say. It obviously doesn’t look nice, but yeah.Anyway, there’s no rush to move on. We’ll not move on until we’re all satisfied and that’s clearly not the case. Look, I got lucky enough to get the antlion boosts. That means anyone else can too.And when you say that the only thing you need to beat it is luck, I’m not denying it, but it’s kind of insulting for you to say it like that. Still though, that’s what a few other segments have been like. Things we have no idea why they were fast, but they were and you just had to be lucky for some reason to get a fast one.I say we keep running it and beat my time. Maybe someone practice getting the antlion boosts intentionally if you can?


Yeah, but no one’s trying cause the initial situation is too shitty :PEdit: You know I didn’t mean it like that. Obviously everything except for the antlion boosts takes skill. I just don’t see anyone beating it without getting lucky with the antlions since I don’t see anyone doing those with intent.