I edited my post, so re-read plz.And really. I’m sorry I got a good time, showing what’s possible. We should be endeavoring to beat this as it’s obvious it can be improved.Also, a small improvement I thought of. When you’re punting the bin over and the cinder block and stuff, there’s a gas canister thing. If you punt that at the roof where the combine spawn, you can set one of them on fire (Maybe 2?). This will make it so you only have to kill 3, and by that time the other one will die from the fire, which should save some time.


I’ve played it some more, and if you do the fire thing, and get a fast run to the wallclimb (Getting the second antlion boost isn’t insanely hard), you can do it quite well. A fast wallclimb and you’re all done.It should be feasible to equal or beat :smiley:


*Puts effort in.*Edit: I just can’t be asked to run this segment. It’s way too luck based to being with.


It’s not crazy luck based. I’ve gotten a low 46 so far, and I know if I can get a fast wallclimb I could get another 44.I’d settle for a good-looking 44. The only luck-based things are really trying to get antlion boosts and the wallclimb.


0:44, a good one. Still a small mistake in me missing a combine with the brick once, but a much better run.Note my method of doing the wallclimb. It got it so much faster for me. I’m not wanting to move on. That was 44.1s, so I want to get 43 at least, if not 42.




Lets just move on. Spook, I haven’t even seen you on nor playing EP1, so we’re just gonna assume your ready to move on aswell. SEG2 HERE WE COME! 1 SEGMENT CLOSER TO FINISHING!!


Dude, we wait until everyone agrees. I’ll write up a route guide for Seg2, but we wait till Spooky says yes. Of course, if anyone wants to improve it and be put on the runner’s list, feel free to tell me.


Okay, I talked to Spooky, and he agreed to move on. Guess we’re onto seg2. Congrats me!I’ve added the seg2 route guide. I’ll work on a route demo now.


Congrats to inex =)


Done a lot of running on seg2. I got a pretty damn good run in my opinion. It all just worked pretty awesomely. My lowest time before this run was 1:27. This run is 1:16. Haven’t really seen anyone else running this segment. C’mon guys! Stop letting me get segments! GO GO GO.


I don’t even wanna beat this cause that was a sweet run. The only improvement I could see is jumping down to the awning from the top instead of first going down on the right side. Since it’s slanted you should be able to get down without losing health. I might run it a bit tonight, but I don’t see where I could beat this… unless I get lucky :>


Hehe, thanks man. And this time also rounds us off to an exact 6 minutes saved in the run so far. Of course, if someone improved mine by 2 more seconds, we’d get an exact 1min 30secs saved for this map.


Sorry that I haven’t been running but I’ve been doing real stuff. It takes time. Should give this some effort later.


QUOTE (typical @ Nov 8 2009, 08:33 PM)realSO THIS ISN’T REAL?!


Meh. I guess you could say it’s only half my life. :lol: After playing with this level for about a hour there’s about 5 seconds that can be saved from Inex’s time. I’ll upload a route demo later because for some reason I just can’t get the same optimisation he did when fighting ant lions and therefore can’t get a decent time. :frowning:


1:12. Alyx had a pretty shitty run to the console. I’d say we can easily aim for sub 1:10.


And I improve the route yet again. Also I don’t want to run this any more. I just can’t get Alyx to go to the console quick enough. All on you Inex. :expressionless:


I’m gonna keep trying.


Okay guys, I’m now back and sorted. The project has really hit a bump with this it seems. People are either not bothering to run or have stuff on, there’s been no progress. I’m back to running it, I don’t know if CooL is anymore, I just can’t seem to beat this 1:12.