Segment 2 save to use: Click me :smiley:

Seg 1 Route Guide

  1. Load demo
  2. Sprint left, then either turn around and sprint up the stairs, or sprint backwards up the stairs
  3. Go through the doorway and bunnyhop down the corridor
  4. Go through the doorway
    a ) Either grab the gas canister and wallclimb up the pillar
    b ) Do a grav jump on some rubble to get to the top
    c ) Get an antlion to boost you to the top
  5. Turn the corner and begin to wallclimb against the pillar
  6. Wallclimb up until you reach the top level, then jump to the right to land on the rocky edge
  7. Start turning the valve
  8. Wait until it’s all the way up, then sprint through, jump over the fence (Collect healthpack and armour)
  9. Sprint down the stairs until going through the doorway
  10. Save and stop demo

Seg 2

  1. Run through the doors, navigate through the maze, try to jump a lot and use little sprint
  2. Use the barrel to kill the zombies
  3. Run through the room, open the door
  4. Grab a block or crate or whatever from the room to the side (Or maybe a barrel from the room before) and use it to wallclimb over the fence
  5. Bunnyhop to the doors locked with a plank of wood
  6. Take the wood away, open the doors, run inside and activate the power. (You might have to punt away a headcrab and just struggle to get to the power)
  7. Survive for ages, keep the whore alive
  9. Please use as little ammo as possible, collect as much as possible, get as much health and armour as you can, might as well in the dead time
  10. When elevator arrives, bring the explosive barrel into the elevator with you
  11. Wait till you get to the next map
  12. Save and stop demo

Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed: 0:28

Segment 2: Completed: 2:35

Final Time: 3:03

EDIT: Finished the map.


Sounds good, I’m gonna put as much effort as I can into this.


Put me down for both segments. It’s also possible to grav jump from a piece of rubble up to the top layer. Give people the option though. :smiley: Also possible to do an antlion boost to the top. Don’t ask me how. :wink:


Yeah, I considered both of those. Didn’t know a grav jump was possible that high with just some rubble. Demo of that and antlion boost plz?


I did it ages ago very luckily. I have no interest in trying to do it again as it’s PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN.Completely accidental by the way.


I noticed I got to the height of the top layer with an antlion boost. Started wallclimbing, then as I was doing it, it attacked the gas canister and exploded it, sending me upwards. Difficult to do though I agree.


Why not just run the whole map in a single segment?http://www.filefront.com/14733953/ep1_c17_00a_routeguide.demOn another note: http://www.filefront.com/14734243/ep1_c17_…CAL_30s_100h_5630s run with 100h and 56 suit.


I know that 29s is possible, but I think it might just require too much effort to obtain really. I’d settle for full health and armour with a 30s run, but I’m just not managing that.


Check this: 30 secs, full health, 60 armor.www.coolandyano.com/cool/ep1_c17_00a.zip


Well, I’m fine with that. Tooley, you said you’d keep trying if I got 30s with higher armour, but I dunno since that’s the max armour you CAN get for this segment isn’t it?I say move on.


Lets move on :smiley:


I agree to move on I guess. Good job Cool.


Well done CooL with his first segment ^_^. That’s 30s, 2 seconds faster than it took suga to get to this point. I think this map we won’t save very much time.I’ll write up a new route guide for seg2.


First post edited. All ready for seg2 :slight_smile:


Yup, somewhere out there, suga would be proud.


Woa, hold your horses! I think you’re progressing way too fast at the moment. I’m pretty sure I could sub 30s to be honest. Didn’t really have time to consider running this map yet, but now I definitely want to. Just gimme some time. If I realise I was mistaken and 30s is too hard to beat I’ll shut up.


Okay man. Fine by me. Sorry, but I thought you’d been online and would’ve contacted me about running the segment. It’s fine that you do though, so I’ll reopen it :slight_smile:


I got 29 seconds. Here


Updated first post with new Time to Beat.


I took a shot at Segment 1 for 2 hours, and my best time was 30 seconds. I don’t think that it’s going to be possible to beat 29 seconds, but I may be wrong.