Hey keep practicing. I think we can improve :smiley:


You definitely should keep trying. It would be awesome if you got 28s.Edit: http://www.filefront.com/14748899/tsa_ep1_…0a_seg1_28s.demTSA of 28s. 27s being possible if it wasn’t for my terrible bunny hopping with timescale 0.1 :slight_smile:


Ok well this should please FoustFirst of all, i got to the top of the ledge in 28 secs. Demo and Save here.2nd, since no one has made a bunnyhop mod for ep2, i have taken the liberty of making it. How does it work? For HL2 bunnyhop, go into console and type in sv_bunnyhop 1, sv_bunnyhop 0 turns it off and re-enables ABH and AFH. PM me for the mod. Note, it’s still in beta and no where close to being finished. I plan on re-enabling flying once all the gibs are clipped and when I find out how to. Anyways, enjoy man. :slight_smile:


Great demo, Jared. Not exactly the way I tried to do it but still very fast and well executed. Funnily enough I just got a demo where I made the jump the way I wanna do it. Unfortunately I sorta screwed up at the beginning and the end which made this a 30s run only :E Anyway, I think I’m gonna stop trying and agree to move on with your run. Doesn’t seem like it would save much time to do it my way. I guess I was mistaken here since the time you take to get to the other stone is pretty similar to the time it takes me to set up the stone for the grav jump. For details check the demo.Also, hook me up with that mod, dude!! And you say you coded it yourself? I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look at if I wanted to re-enable bunnyhopping.


Yes, I think we should move on and get Segment 2 finished. There are several different “god-spots” that one could use, and given that you hit the switch as quickly as possible, it’s relatively easy to get the minimum time while keeping your health and armor as high as possible.I got 2:38 @ 100 health and 43 armor last night. CooL says that he somehow achieved 2:29, though, so I’d like to see his demo to find out how he achieved it and if there’s some way to improve on it.


I’ll do a TSA from the beginning of the save to the switch. Then all we need to do is subtract the dead time from it and bingo, we have our target.Edit: http://www.filefront.com/14753569/ep1_c17_…eg2_TSA_14s.demHitting the button in 12 seconds is possible. Here’s a pretty terrible run of 14s but it should give you guys something to aim for. :slight_smile:


Very nice! Thanks a lot Niklas for making us stay on this. Saved 2 seconds from the original 30s we had.I’ll update the first post. Well done CooLy-boy! :DAlso, anyone running Segment 2, contact me to get your name on the Runner’s List, so you’ll be asked before we move on.


Yes, thanks, and i’ll send you the mod once its uploaded. No, I didn’t code it myself, I ripped it from another mod, interesting thing is that it didn’t load the ep2 map nor sounds, so I still had to do some modding. This mod is still very beta, but for the most part, it works.


http://www.filefront.com/14774151/ep1_c17_…PICAL_2m35s.rar2m35s. Inex said that if we use this we only save 4 seconds on the entire map. I’m probably not going to run it any more. I really dislike it. Something to keep in mind while running this is that Suga was using mat_fulbright 1.I reckon there’s about 7 seconds of improvement for the segment.


The best time I have at the moment is 2:40. This segment is really annoying :(Do anyone knows if the elevator start coming when we push the button OR when Alyx does? I’ll check it tomorrow, because if it’s the second, we can save a few seconds helping Alyx to come faster (that’s what suga does in phase 1).CooL said something about teleporting inside the elevator with props. How can that be done? We should at least try if it’s doable.Cheers.


Hmm. That might be worth finding out. Surely if that’s the case Alyx could be teleported closer and that may warrant an extra segment <3.


It starts moving once you pushed the button whether or not Alyx is there, like what I wrote on my phase one commentary.It might changed with a patch or something so you should double check it though.


Doesn’t she press the button when she sees the elevator first and not after you push the button. Because that would definitely confirm it.


No purple-bug was used at this segment ?


No. It doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:


To clarify: the purple bug, as we do it currently, only makes certain reflective textures purple, which doesn’t help at all during the elevator sequence.Anyway, there really wasn’t a lot of room to save time on this map to begin with, so I don’t think 4 seconds is anything to be ashamed of. However, if we could keep working at it for a few more days maybe we can whittle some more time off of the second segment.


Turns out it was 3 seconds that we saved from Suga’s time. :frowning:


Well, it’s progress I guess…


Watched the demo, and while there are clear mistakes, I wouldn’t object to moving on. If people think they can beat it, of course go ahead, but I really think that people are disliking this segment too much to offer much, if any, improvement.


I’m ok to move on.