Seg 1

  1. Throw the grenade
  2. Place it where you will, pick it up, throw it away, whatever, use it to grenade jump over the gate Alyx normally opens. (Be nice and try to leave as much health as possible, but whatever)
  3. Bunnyhop past everything, into the corridor on the right. Use flashlight only when necessary!
  4. Go down the corridor, gravity gun the barrel away and the vent opening and speedcrawl in there
  5. Don’t grab the flare or the health, they’ll get rid of your sprint.
  6. When you turn left into the longer vent, you can hold jump and let go of sprint. You’ll keep going at spring speed, but not use any of your Aux power
  7. Ladderclimb the ladder in the vent
  8. Sprint and crouch into the new vent opening.
  9. Bunnyhop to keep the speed, hold forward because you can gain some speed in here
  10. Shoot the vent cover away and switch to pulse rifle
  11. Land on the ground with the pulse rifle out
  12. Shoot the lock and run through the door.
  13. Quickly use the power box on the left
  14. Save and stop demo.

Seg 2

  1. Load ze demo.
  2. Wait till the door opens and punt the car away
  3. Run forward whilst looking right and grabbing the white tub on the shelf
  4. Bunnyhop out the door and down the road
  5. Go past the zombies, jump over the car
  6. Follow down the left wall, using as little flashlight as possible
  7. Keep going until you hit against the zombine cart
  8. Wallclimb up over the top of it
  9. Run across the top, dropping and running down the next road
  10. Bunnyhop omgomgomg
  11. Bunnyhop past the zombines
  12. Hop over the car/van thing. If required you can gravity gun an antlion out of your way
  13. Go into the room on the left, activate the power, ignore the crates
  14. Run out of the room quickly. You should be able to avoid the zombie
  15. Hop over the car/van thing again and go in the newly opened door (If Alyx keeps dying before you can finish the level, try using the gas canister or the flare to set some zombies on fire)
  16. Sprint up the stairs and jump over the headcrab
  17. Punt the car over the antlion pit. You SHOULD kill the one antlion that gets out with it
  18. Sprint over to the valve and start turning it
  19. While waiting you can gravity gun the bike so it doesn’t get in your way
  20. As soon as the valve stops turning, you can sprint through the doorway, avoiding the headcrabs
  21. Bunnyhop down this corridor. Careful of the headcrabs and the sprinklers mess up bunnyhopping sometimes
  22. Avoid all of the barnacles
  23. Hop straight past all of the zombies, get through the doors
  24. Sprint up the stairs and into the next map trigger
  25. Stop demo and save


Confirmed Runners:

Segment 1: Completed 0:24

Segment 2: Completed 0:57

Final Time: 1:21



Add me to the list as well for both segments. :)Edit: http://rapidshare.com/files/290525819/ep1_…AL_24s.zip.html24 seconds. Bonus information. 36 health 45 suit.Inex’s run had 30 health and 45 suit at the end of it. Which one should we use? :ph43r:


I think you stopped your demo a couple of ticks earlier. Not sure if it makes that much of a difference. Guess you need to figure out the exact tick when you activate the power or something. It’s always kinda hard to compare times when there’s no loading sequence.


Well, I just activate it, turn around and open the console. I figure turning around is better for the next segment.I’ve had a fair amount of 24s, probably some with above 36 health, but I didn’t save them. Guess I best start, but I’m away this weekend again. Girlfriend is coming to visit, so you guys choose what you want :). I won’t be running until Sunday.


I press the console at 1611.Inex presses it at 1619.I probably won’t do any more on this segment unless someone beats me. Until then I vote to move on. :)Also an edit for the segment 2 guide. There is a red gas can near the train which you could use to wall climb over instead. This would be a better idea as holding stuff stops you from sprinting. Also those dangly monsters all called Barnacles.


Ah, that’s the name of them. I always forget that. And yeah, the gas canisters can be taken there, but the tub is MUCH faster for climbing imo. Try out both, but I find that the tub works better.I vote to move on, use Tooley’s segment. Both of us have said to move on, and I don’t think anyone else is running, so I guess that’s it ^_^. Seg 2!


Segment 2 is not for the faint of heart. It is VERY hard.


I got a run that was perfect up until the barnacles, where one got me. Then from there I lost a second messing up opening the doors and on corners. I got 1:06. I say that 1:02 should be a good aim :slight_smile:


Typical has found a very useful bug for this and the next map.TYPICAL: extract a demo into your episodic folderTYPICAL: tab into the game and load that demoTYPICAL: world turns purple and you can see in the dark =0I’m gonna start experimenting with it now. Not sure if it’s possible in windowed mode or not, guess I’ll see. This has the okay from SDA, so it’s perfectly fine to use.


umgh…Is it forbidden to use ‘mat_fullbright 1’ for these dark maps ?If purple bug is allowed, this might be too.But in my opinion, neither purple-bug nor fullbright should not be used for phase2 demos. Only for practice.Runners, you decide the way.


mat_fullbright we considered, but decided not to use as it was using a console command to just make the game easier for us. With the purple bug however, I kinda consider it as using the game’s engine against itself, rather than just using a command given by the developers.Obviously I’m not the only person on the team, I vote to use it, but you guys also decide.


It’s just an in game exploit. I vote if anyone wants to use it then they can. However the end video should also record the demo with the purple bug on so the viewers know how we did it.


Not sure about having the video with the purple bug on. We’ll see about that :stuck_out_tongue:


People are meant to view speed runs from the players perspective.


Hey, I agree with having video with purple bug (or use two video angles - one with bug and another without bug, as MKV container allows it). And it should be also described as a game bug.And maybe finally valve will fix it =). That purple bug quite embarassed me since original hl2, if you alt+tab it, it starts to all purple.


If using the bug means we must show it in the final video I’m definitely against it for the simple reason of it begin really unaesthetic. I’d rather try harder to get the segment right without it cause I’m sure you can get the same time even if it might take a couple more attempts. Then again, is the bug really that useful in the first place? I always found it very annoying and distracting when everything turned purple. I didn’t have the chance to test it myself yet, so maybe it’s not as distracting in dark maps where you basically can’t see anything at all.


Meh. I think it’s really useful. As for looking nice. Speed runs look better when they’re fast, not when the graphics are pretty.


Okay, but as I said, given the fact that it’s not a skip or anything that would save a tremendous amount of time but is only a means to make the route slightly easier, I’d prefer not to use it. Just my personal view on it. I guess it really would be best to just vote on it. Otherwise we can continue arguing forever :wink:


57s. I’m pretty happy with the time. I used the purple bug.Also Filefront is down but you guys love rapidshare so enjoy.http://rapidshare.com/files/293079388/ep1_…AL_57s.rar.html


Awesome run, I came, I doubt we’re gonna beat this and I think it’s very fast. Move on?