Uh, by the way, purple bug or not, are we even sure it’s possible to make this visible in the video? Just a thought…


Yes, it is possible


Maybe doing the same method, but rather than loading a save, you load the actual demo? Would startmovie affect it? TELL US DOXLIY!


Do purple bug (alt+tab etc)Then create regular startmovieThats allBut I want it to be a bit another way.Let’s say, you have a video file.It has two video angles (like on some DVD video)The first angle is with normal graphicsAnd the second one has purple bug.And you can switch angles at your video player.So it should satisfy everyone, in my opinion.I’ll create a sample some time later to make you see.upd: I’ve made a sample video. Will upload it soon, when i get to my job, since my home internet upload speed is slow as hell.


Yeah it’s possible to make it disappear. In other news. When we moving on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, nobody else told me to put them on the runner’s list, so since we both agree to move on, I guess we’re officially onto c17_00a. I’ll update first post. Niklas, when you get chance can you update the map times post? <3


Awesome. Can’t wait. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you go, video sample of purple bug switchhttp://sd.reborn.ru/download.php?fid=0039c…b6113a899f79c25 (15mb)This is mkv video file with two angles, so you can switch it.The first one has normal graphics with no purple bug, and second angles has it.If you not familiar with mkv video angle swithing, I give you a hintIt ruquires haali media splitter (or any good codec pack) to be installed on system.


Good to know we can do that :). No rush to decide what to do anyway. I’ve updated the first post, gonna write up the route guide now.


This is pretty awesome. Very nice work. =D


Only thing I didn’t like about it was you bumping into the fence right before the barnacle corridor. But I guess I can’t complain since I didn’t run the segment :stuck_out_tongue:


We need the segment 1 save again. Do either Josh or Nick have it and can they host? :-*


Lemme get this straight: we’re trying to run c17_00 again, right? So you need the save of my citadel_04 run. Good thing I decided to keep the saves until the run got verified :>

There you go. Good luck by the way.