End Project Discussion

This is for all discussion of after-project matters.:EDIT:Run Demos: http://files.filefront.com/HL2DQ_Demos___F…;/fileinfo.htmlTrick Demos:http://s7.invisionfree.com/HL2DQ_Temp_Foru…hp?showtopic=27http://files.filefront.com/HL2DQ_Trick_Dem…;/fileinfo.htmlCommentary: http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1161752015/HL…0Commentary.rar:EDIT:First of all, awhile ago I re-ran trainstation_02 because of Loner’s collision with the gate and subsequent stumbling about afterwards, which I thought didn’t look so good and could be improved. This is thanks to the fact that at that point in the game, there is no suit, and therefore it was possible to go back to the map without any problems with continuity.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/801201656/p2_…aximusx_25s.rarIt’s only a second saved, but it has more aesthetic value. What I’m asking is, what do you guys think we should do? Keep the old demo or use the new one. I guess I’m okay with either decision, I just thought that making a mistake like that so early in the run might turn some people off to the rest of it.Also, I’ll be uploading all the demos to filefront in rar format later on and posting a link when it’s finished. I’ll also be uploading all the bloopers, tricks, and glitches which I have made during the time of this project (unassociated with the run itself, but for the “extras” section of the movie if we end up making one). I encourage everybody else to do so too, since going around collecting demos from other threads is pretty annoying.EDIT: Also, should we use b5k’s 13s demo on canals_02, or his controversial segmented 12s demo, with one of the segments being unnecessary and something like 1 second long.

Ill say, go with the improved demo.Have you found someone to capture this to video yet?

Which demo do you mean, trainstation_02 or canals_02?

trainstation 2.Will bandits 13s demo break the continuance. We have the proper health and other thing at the end of that run?If that is the case, I rather go with the unsegmented one.

Considering both:Is this legal considering the rules of SDA? I mean to put in a demo which isn’t the “real” demo?

I’ll make a post on there and see if anybody knows.

GG well played! didnt get to contribute with alot (if anything) due to my computer not beeing able to run hl2 for more than 30 minutes and myself not beeing as good as the others :wink: Was very fun and interesting following this project and I cant wait to see the final movie! I wish you all the best irl and with any upcoming projects! See you at hl3 (or whichever thread is created next;) )

Just wanted to congratulate everyone here that contributed to this run to be accomplished.You’ve made a fantastic job pals. So thank you :)Looking forward to seeing the movie :smiley:

QUOTE (DaleLewill @ Mar 9 2006, 10:40 PM) Considering both:Is this legal considering the rules of SDA? I mean to put in a demo which isn’t the “real” demo? I posted on SDA to see what feedback I could get, and so far it seems like it’s perfectly legal as long as we don’t end the updated demo with some sort of advantage over the old one (more health, ammo, etc).So with that in mind, who else thinks we should use the improved trainstation_02, and the original one segment canals_02. b5k actually does the second, main half of canals_02 better in his 13s single segment demo anyway.By the way, thanks for the comments guys, hope this gets recorded soon :)EDIT: Also, what does everybody think of the barrel problem in canals_05? In that map Gordon bhops past the airboat to a barrel, picks it up, stands still for half a second, throws it away, then gets in the airboat. It’s kind of…strange…to see in a seamless transition between the two demos.So, what are people’s thoughts of re-running it as long as we end up with equal or more health at the end of the demo? We could save once we enter the airboat and the “entering” animation stops moving, so it matches up seamlessly with dale’s p2 demo. All we would have to do to match up the health is to get the two medkits that b5k does, and bhop less than twice in the acid.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with replacing old demos with newer ones as long as demo continuity isn’t broken.Good work everybody!

I dont like the idea of health not matching up. As long as demo transitions is as seamless as possible I’m ok with it.

When you upload that RAR with all the demos in it, will you have them separated by if they work with the current version or if they work with the doxliy fix? I think its a good idea, because i dont know when that changed. Also, GJ ON THE PROJECT. I AM HIGHLY ANTICIPATING THE COMPLETED VIDEO. Also, what is the command to run multiple demos at the same time? Ive done it before, but i dont remember. I want to view the demos (from start to doxily fix, then current to end) at those 2 times, without having to do anything. Just watch it as a movie. Thanks!

canals_05:I don’t think it’s a good idea to connect the scenes with video editing.if you are so anxious about the barrel, I think we should also re-run p2. I personally don’t mind the barrel thing though :PDS:“startdemos demo1 demo2 demo3 etc…” loads multiple demos.old version is until coast_11. new version is from coast_12.doxliy:are you working on vdms? :slight_smile: we should add fake fade-in effects at the start of citadel_02 and breen_01 (as you did in trainstation_04).

erm. dont put in a demo if the health doesnt match up. I dont think the one extra second is worth alot of hassle, if thats what its going to cause.

We are already using video editing to seam the demos together. It would be the exact same thing, and since the save will be right after the airboat animation, it will be seamless already. You wouldn’t even have to edit anything in this case.Also, the whole point was to run it and match up the health. Don’t get hit, get two medkits, bhop through the acid, you’ll have the same health.Not sure if I’ll find the time to run it though, we might end up just keeping it.

If anybody has any demos of interesting glitches, out-takes, or stunts they haven’t posted yet, do it now. I’ll be uploading the collection of them that I have pretty soon, and whoever will be using them to make the final movie can download them from there. I have the demos posted in the HL2D Tricked thread, I just mean new ones.Hopefully we get jrb to help us. He seemed interested when I talked to him before, provided he had ALL the demos available to him.

wow! @ topic titlemuch respect guys!

reckon all the tricks / bloopers will be incorperated max? or just some? and will they just be used as a loop in the background of the menu, or will there be a seperate vid / section? :o

Congrats to everybody with completing of run !About vdms - yes, I already made vdms for all demos, including fading for citadel_02, but where it need to fade at breen_01?If you gonna redo canals_05, I will wait for it and then upload archive with all vdms.I’m also create my own hl2dq movie and want post my tips for JRB somewhere at this forumI also created _2 demos to smooth some trainstation and canals map transitions, are you against of it ?

Well-done guys! You’ve done it! And for less than 1:40 :wink: .