-DWaLoP- hl2 done portal segmented run -INCLUDES PREVIEW OF TRAINSTATION 01-


DWaLoP (Done With a Lot of Portals)

-“I didn’t see you get on”-

Estimated time: Sub 30 easy. definitely sub dq-er


Trainstation 01 clip. (ITS ONLY 13 SECONDS!)


  • Kojlax
  • Super Pcow
  • Szeimartin

if you’re interested comment your steam name and ill add you/add you to the list.

Video Compiling: All video editing and compiling will be done by me. Just make sure i get the demos and I’ll compile them at 1920x1080 at 60fps (REMEMBER TO GIVE THEM TO ME WITH SUBTITLES! THAT MEANS RECORD THEM WITH SUBTITLES)


I think you should never claim segments. The one who gets the best time has the segment and that’s it. :wink:


The only reason why they’re “claimed” is because we know the strats we’re going to do, we just need 01 out of the way first


Well, so far we have decided the person that finds the fastest rout gets it, unless said otherwise. But I guess what you’re saying is valid. I do insist on getting trainstation 02 and 04 though.

I did take the incentive and remove the claimed section from it. And I will work my ass off to get those two segments that I wanted to get.


Right now, all we should focus on is routing. There will be a lot of saveglitching, abh, and possibly stucklaunching. We shouldn’t ever decide that one person’s route is the best, if it’s the first we see. We should all work on our own routes and compare them, to see which is the fastest. We could even combine routes to make the routes perfect.

Once we know everything we are going to do in the run, we will start doing segments. We all do our best to get the best possible segment we can, and we all compare. The fastest segment gets used in the run.

Good. None of this “claiming segments” idea. That would just result in the run being either very slow, or take a very long time to complete. Chances are, someone else will have a faster segment than yours. And that’s a good thing. (No offense intended)


I don’t think we shouldn’t do segments yet. (Double negative). If someone gets a fantastic trainstation 01 we should use it. I’d rather route as we go than route the entire thing before we start. That way it’s more of a competition to find and record the best segment you can. I was actually thinking of doing trainstation 01 tonight


I actually think i got trainstation 01 almost perfect. there might be 4 or 5 wasted frames but all in all i think its pretty much on cap. i’ll compile the video and put a link to it for your viewing pleasure.


I was horribly wrong. We redid it, and cut the time in half. almost in third. Now updates on this are probably going to go pretty dark aside from us saying what stage we’re in in development.

I wanna keep the whole thing a surprise.


I might join in on this run. I’m not sure if I’ll make segments for the run (if I were to do that, it would take me a while), but I could possibly make routes for the run (probably trainstation_06 through some of canals).


That is totally fine. can you give me your steam information so i can link you to our discord and fill you in on everything?



what is this, 2014?


yes it is.


Sure. It’s a good thing I actually have Discord installed on my PC. I’ll pm you my steam info when I get home and get on my PC.


Sure thing.


I thought we agreed on DWaLoP (Done With a Lot of Portals). It’s easier to pronounce. How do you even say DWaLoSG?


Deal. Changing it now.


I’d like to help out with run. I speedrun portal and follow half-life 2 speedruns. So I might be of some help


Okay. We’re on trainstation 05 right now I believe. Add me on steam @ INFERNOUX. I’ll cover everything necessary on there with you.


We should do HL:S Done Portal. I tried porting the assets but got a bunch of non textured maps and it fucked up my SourceUnpack version so… who knows?


I don’t have a copy of hl:s or id mess around with it. But we’d need someone to use hammer to port the maps and things. Idk.