-DWaLoP- hl2 done portal segmented run -INCLUDES PREVIEW OF TRAINSTATION 01-


I have it but I’m not super great with the SDK. I did notice though, that from the looks of things most of the entities get converted over to their HL2 counterparts. So the health packs in HL:S that look like the ones from HL1 are just the HL2 health packs. I bet most of the other stuff works pretty well too honestly except for in game triggers, but I haven’t known how to do that stuff since SteamPipe.

Actually, anyone got an older/offline version of HL:S? Could use it with SourceUnpack portal.


@Infernoux I’m interested in helping out with this. Steam name is Fallingdesk, pic is Chell. What do I need to get started? Is this an OoB run?


The run is pretty much dead right now. With my free time this summer I’d like to get it going again. And yes it is Oob. Infernoux will have to add you to the Discord if you’d like to check it out. We’re pretty much taking all the runners we can get at this point.


for me, what i saw from the run was not that optimised :confused:
If you really want to make it, better restart the run :confused:


I completely agree. Trainstation01 was complete garbage. I was just getting into segmenting at the time and didn’t try to optimize it well. We probably should restart it while we’re not far into it yet.


it is freshly restarted


We finally finished trainstation01. Here’s a sneak peek:

If anyone is interested in joining, we could really use some more runners.


I’m interested in joining, but as I don’t have HL2 I don’t know how to get the maps (Garry’s Mod addon content maybe?)


I don’t think it requires that you own HL2, just Portal.


I am interested in this, and would like to lend a hand


Join the sourceruns discord and I or someone will invite you to the discord for this project.


Consisdering how little the status of this run has been updated, I’ve decided to post a long and detailed explanation of what’s happened in the last 12 months.

As noted back in May last year, the run had been restarted. The team had completed Trainstation_01 with an amazing time (this was the main map which the restart aimed to save time on). Work then started on Trainstation_02, which involved a quite difficult save glitch. The run then died for about 6 months after a halt of progress in June. I joined in August/September to get the run going again, however due to the inexperience I had going in - I had only just started learning to speedrun - I too failed to restart it. Me and DariusFTW occasionally lined for people to recruit, but the run seemed to be unveiling to budge.

In early December, however, sillypilly volunteered to join you run. He found a quicker and easier save glitch route for the map, which quickly brought the run into progress. At this point other people joined, such as LamboLord24, the_hat, Imanex, and mike. Getting segments became very competitive, and so we’d often redo segments if we thought we could beat them. However, we realised during the running of trainstation_05 that our method was not completely legitimate, and we restarted the run.

Around this time, Imanex discovered a glitch called Portal Warp. The way this works is that if you pass through a portal at level transition, you’ll end up where the other side was on the next map. Unfortunately, you usually lose your Portal gun by doing this, and mike, who had taken over hl2dp mod development from INFERNOUX started modding in the simple ability to gain your Portal gun by Dave deleting, which took a couple of months. We then restarted from the beginning using a portal Warp route, which after revising that several times, the run has died again.

So I guess what all this says is: There’s a lot more people involved, and some more time we can save, but we’re back at the beginning again.