http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/732196797/p2_…aximusx_45s.rar4 maps to go!Unfortunately I don’t think the rail jump is possible anymore, but I have a backup plan. Rather than running around the long corner, it might be faster to use a boost from a nade (recharging while the nade is ticking) or a rocket to get around to the left instead.This will mean we need to save the machinegun (for citadel_05), the nade/rocket (we’ll have to test which weapon is better to save for the jump, probably the rocket because we can use a boost on the straightaway in citadel_04), and Alyx’s gun if possible, for aesthetic reasons :)Obviously we’ll have to segment the first bit since it’s very random, so we should make a save right before the forcefield opens. What we want to do is get the three guns to fall out on the other side of the forcefield, or push them out with the gravgun which we can grab from the air. The problem with just grabbing these weapons is the game tends to suck them out of your hands, so it’s better to let them fall out, then press “use” over them as you pass after the field opens.I’ll be able to work a little bit on this tonight I think.EDIT: By the way, our estimated final time is already as low as 1:38, and after the next few maps it will be even lower :smiley:

We should save nades instead of rockets, because they can provide for nice little nade boosts as we run. Throw a nade, grab it as you bhop past, look backwards and let it throw you forward :DIt should also be able to get us around that corner. It doesn’t give too much of an upwards boost though, so probably can’t get up the little elevator shaft on this map with it.

By the way, what I forgot to mention is that besides making the nades, machinegun, and Alyx’s gun fall on the other side of the forcefield, we also have to make sure the gravity gun stays in. This is tough because the gravgun flies the farthest when your guns are first sucked out of you.This is pretty random so we could use the help of anyone and everyone on the board, since you don’t really have to do any running, just look in different directions near the forcefield and try to shoot the weapons outside of it. If you’re new to running, just make sure you press record while the saved game loads, and that you make a bind which saves the game and stops recording right after.Remember, save the game just BEFORE the forcefield goes down if you get all weapons outside of the forcefield.

Hmm those previous are cool demos but it always crashes HL2 after i finish watching it…

Yeah at the end of my citadel_02_p2 demo it crashes HL2. I don’t know why, but it shouldn’t affect anything recording wise as it crashes after the demo is completely over.

Kept the rpg, alyxgun, nades, pulse rifle and machine gun:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/164890309/p2_…zoption_17s.rarIt’s not perfect - from the save state, you’ll have to turn to the right to pick up the super gravgun which is lying on the floor.

Oh nice, I thought it would be harder than that. How did you stop the thing from grabbing the items in your hand, by shooting? I tried that and it usually didn’t work o_OAnyway, could you possible re-do it so the gravgun falls in front of you? Nice work by the way :smiley:

Yeah, I’ll try to make one where the gravgun is in front. It’s difficult though - usually when I’m firing the weapons, they all get removed from me. I don’t know what the hell happened that time. :blink:

Kept everything and caught gravgun:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1470576633/p2…zoption_16s.rar

Niiice, on to p2 :slight_smile:

Nice work |Z|Option! Everytime I try this map I “get” the weapons but even if I keep shooting; my weapons get taken away (or if I shoot with the shotgun, I keep it but I’m unable to shoot with it)…strange and weird yet cool!On p2:-Quickly run by the charger and use is while keeping speed?-Do a grenade jump (probably a SMG-grenade jump?) to the left?-Grenade jump up a part of the elevator?..just wait for MaximusX’s route instead :wink: Keep up the speed!

My idea was to bhop to the charger, throw a nade near the rails, charge while it ticks away, then sprint + bhop over the nade a little before it blows so it helps boost you around the bend.Continue the bhop past the two guards (being careful not to get stuck in the middle thing), and up the elevator. At this point I was thinking about doing this: dropping a nade in the corner of the elevator so it blows a little before the elevator gets to the top. Sprint jump away from it so it boosts you forward, and while midair quickly grab and then immediately throw the orb that removes the forcefield, then keep the speed in a bhop.In any case, we want to then charge a little as we pass the charger without slowing down, grab + throw the orb to clear the forcefield, then exit the level, charging at the last charger without slowing down again. In the _2.dem, we want to keep the bhop and kill the guards with a shot of the super gravgun in the time it takes to autosave.

I did a 30s run (with my own “messed-up” route):http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1418749464/p2…eLewill_30s.rar…just to keep things going! (second time I completed the map - so the time should be ~18-22s)@MaximusX:I think it’s going to be hard to do that first jump with a grenade, but it might be worth it. Do we need the smg-nade for something special? (just wondering)How much health do we need on the next level do you think? |Z|Option had 100/50 I think when he did that über-high orbjump (he had 50/0 afterwards).These chargers charge wery quickly so health/armor shouldn’t be that much of a prob (I think).

We need the smg for citadel_05. It gives enough distance boost without completely killing out health/armor like the rockets.Plus, using nade boosts we can do a bunch of boosts without draining our health so bad. Sprintjumping away from a nade blast gives a boost without much damage, and you can survive two nade blasts with 100h 200a even while holding the nade in your hand.

Its possible to jump around the corner if you throw a terminal there with the SGG, but I guess it might be a little slower, even though you dont need to recharge.

you dont need to gravjump the terminal, you get ptoper height just by jumping on it.holding a ticking grenade might be useful, havnt played with it any yet. Might give it a shot later.

isn’t it possible to just jump over/off the fence with momentum, then barely hit the ground at the corner and hook your body around? I tried for like 10 minutes just fooling around and I could never hit the ground just right, i always went to short or too far, but it seems possible to me without any explosions or charging.

I tried that for awhile but couldn’t manage it. Imagine how hard it would be to get a good run out of that if it’s so hard just to the beginning part once, if it is even possible.The nade jump is difficult but far from impossible, I’ve already done it several times in the small amount of time I’ve had to play this map. I SHOULD have time tonight to work on it. Not to mention, you get health+armor at the charger while the nade is clicking away, and with full health + armor you can get 2 “half” boosts and 1 complete boost off of the nades.By “half” boosts I mean sprintjumping away from the blast so you are not that close to it but it still propels you enough up and forwards. “Complete boosts” are when you’re holding the nade in your hand as it goes off, which I think we’re going to end up using on citadel_04_p2 on the long runway, which will be cool :DBTW o40, the time I spent on this map was just testing, and holding the grenade as it goes off and looking down while already midair doesn’t help that much. Nades give great horizontal speed boosts but not too much vertical.It does give enough boost however if you’ve just begun sprintjumping away from it off the ground. What we should do is run to the charger, secondary fire the nade forwards (aka “toss” it), charge until the last second, then sprintjump or bhop past it so it throws us forward. We then arc to the right with the mouse and strafe buttons, and continue the bhop once we land on the other side.

We should probably scratch the elevator nade. Just make things more complicated than they need to be.