http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1575534285/p2…_suga_1m23s.rarI think we’re done with c17_07. Suga made a real nice demo on the previous map and I want to finish this before March 17th! If we keep up the pace, I think we’ll meet that goal.

what happens at the 17th of march? :slight_smile:

I go home, after which I won’t be able to run HL2 until April 1st. After that, I won’t be able to run HL2 OR watch it’s progress for two years, which means I’ll miss out on everything ;[

oh :frowning: That sucks.I thought you were going away in the beginning of january.

That was when I was hoping to leave, but now paperwork is being turned in and it is pretty much finalized for that date. I got to spend one last quarter at school and I hope we can finish this project by then :oBy the way, we MIGHT want to split this map into two parts.

This map supposedly finished at the autosave just infront of the double doors right? I had a quick go last night for bout 20-30 mins, and got 57s. but its scrappy at the beginning, and slow flying at the end.

Do any of you have any tips for flying straight up, fast? I tried “speed-flying” but that didnt work (at least with the object I used), in the end I just had to try and stay centred over the object, as that seems to be the fastest way, but even that is really slow.

Im going to have a look at this later tonight.I believe speedflying is best done with fugly objects that is kind of buggy.

I was on about regular speed flying, with flat, more regular shaped objects, ie. crates etc. although i suppose a fugly piece of barrell might work better.

There’s an explosive barrel right at the bottom of the room. Shotty it and grab a piece like suga said we needed in c17_04

Yes, i know all of that. That wasnt really my point, my point was, we still need to fly “directly up,” and as far as i know the “speed flying” on fugly objects on really works when we are moving forward, so it will not have as much effect, (unless we decide its faster to fly up in a spiral).I was just wondering if there was a technique which helped speed up flying upwards. ie. holding the object at a different angle or something.

Where / how does this run end? because I just ran it, finished outside the double doors. but they wont open, do i need to hit a trigger that i missed in order for them to open?

lol. just played through to the next level, and once I’d finished and moved on, alyx was on the next level?!? she’s not meant to be, is she? :blink: . she was just standing there, and she was like one of my squad, although she didnt seem to die, she got shot by snipers 3 times and didnt die. i have a demo if anyones interested.

post demos :)Btw, this map is really messy, I dont like it at all.

I cant upload anything at the moment, I will doa bit later when Im on my computer. But I got 54s (although the mine hit me at the end, so I’d have to try and re-do). However, i then loaded the game, and realised that the door wouldnt open. Could someone perhaps watch the phase1 demo, see if the door opens then, and if so, what I need to do. I would have a guess and say I need to go and step on a part of the walkway somewhere, Im not sure however, which part of the walkway it is, or which the best route is.I’ll hopefully be able to have a play later.

if we’re both thinking about the same door, then i think dale took a flight up to this trigger in the p1 demo:

Ahhh. ok, cheers.

Ok, check this demo out Here and tell me what Im doing wrong. I know its not very smooth, but making it tidier will only shave off about 5 seconds imo, and this maps should be finished at least 12s faster.Is there a different route to take? or is this the best route, and I just need to tidy it up alot?edit: watch this one, its faster (still way to slow though) but it gives a better idea of the optimum time for this route. I reckon i could shave another 3/4 seconds of maybe :wink: and yes, I do fuck up big time on the mine at the end… :frowning:

I think you will go faster by using the barrel instead of the door blocker to fly up on, the barrel will be harder to control but it will save you about 3-4 seconds in the bunnyhopping to that point istead of carrying the door blocker.Do we need to carry a flyable object to the next map btw?

Dont think its totally necessary, there are 2 boxes right at the beginning which are easy to get, and we can then choose a nice flat piece of wood, which we should be able to (controllably) speed fly with.