Seems like it’s time for the next map. Welcome back Max]I[muS-X!http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/572593865/p2_…aximusx_25s.rar


Route suggestion (EDITED):1. Bunnyhop down the garage in what way you want. There should be a way not to get stuck anywhere. (I found it easiest to do from the right on some broken car).2. Jump towards the door, grab two health (double shotgun to the boxes) and jump trough the window. (If you want to try your luck, go out the window without picking health up, its faster but very risky)3. Jump down the garage on the right (less fire there) and get to the broken wall part where someone yells your name (That triggers the timer!?)4. Grab the health that is in the box next to the big pile of rubbish on the right.5. Kill off some soldiers and grab the 2 healthpacks that is in the boxes behind the mounted gun.6. Jump back to the 2 boxes you left before (that contains armor + mortar), one is in the room right before the door and the other one is a bit back by the fence. Shoot the lock and go whine by the medic so he will give you a health pack.7. Kill some of the flying bastards off and jump back to the broken wall when you feel that the timing is right and exit through the newly opened hole.8. Get through the second hole, fly to the pipes in the ceiling to the left (there is some health crates in that room aswell that is easy accessable to the left)8. Shoot the vents, jump in, jump down, get out.There might be a better way to do this but this route is pretty entertaining because there isnt much waiting :)I tried to run it a couple of times but I get fps drops down to 4-5 fps and that isnt playable.EDIT:I went and made demos anywayhttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1751885686/d3…a_route_1_2.ziphttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1115361582/d3…a_route_3_4.zippart1: Not much to improve in. this is how the first bit is played.part2:I was a little bit lazy on the boxes and I could have shot the soldier after walking on the trigger, about 2 seconds could be saved herepart3: Everything went well until the crouching part (I dont know how to do that fast)a really smooth run could save maby 3-4 seconds herepart4:I have a little bit of trouble with the aim of my flying, messed up with a box aswell. A optimal run is about 5 seconds faster.my total time is 2:16 and with my calculations, I think 2:06 is possible. (But hard since its a lot of stuff to do in this map)I found 3 additional healthpacks just outside the shootable windows. (opposite end of the tunnel from the broken wall). They are not needed but they can be considered :)I got a NPC to spawn there aswell but maby they always do that, nnever looked in that direction


I got 2:13 single segment, but its a pretty sloppy demo with lots of small mistakes (and some lucky boosts).The zip is too large to upload on the superjer upload page.EDIT:I rar:ed the demofile only. So now you can watch me fumble at the end of the run.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2007325656/p2…a_o40_2m13s.rar


could someone upload a screen of this map so i know which one your talking about? havnt got hl2 to run on my computer for like 3-4 months ;F anyways, thanks in advance


do the combines have a blind spot? Sometimes when I rush them they hit nada and sometimes they hit a lot.Maby their bullets has the same spread all the time so you can run towards them in a special angle or something. Or as it often is in hl2, you need luck. :slight_smile:


HL2 is not based on skill, but entirely on luck. The more you practice, the better luck you will have.


I experimented some on pushing through the hole before it was blown open but no success. But barrels go through easilly.


I hate the flying bit!!! I can never find the “slot” where you can get onto the pipes! I waste 2/3 seconds there everytime! i reckon I can get 2m12 easy, maybe 2m10 at a push.


This is how it should be started off.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1710790969/p2…incus_start.rarI will try and do this run tomorrow. It is 4:30am in the morning here :)I did this run in phase one, so I know it good. A pitty I lost the demos.


Here is Pincus’ phase one demo:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/792809896/d3_…incus_2m25s.rar


Nice start. the time it takes to the door is about the same (10 seconds) but you had a nice route where you didnt get shot. For the rest of the map I suggest that you go back and grab the armor and some other stuff. Its a more entertaining run that way. if the map could be completed with 100/30 it would be good, because there is 3 armors in the car, and with that health, there might be room for a flying/grenadejump combo in the next map maby :slight_smile:


got 2:10 on that map, but instead of 100/30 i alived with 96/30. I uploaded to filefront, because the file is to big for the HL2DQ demo uploader.


wow so many runners \o/ I’m so happy :stuck_out_tongue:


good one dark devil.96/30 is enough.but I think we can push the time on this map with maby 4 seconds or so :)Let it run for a couple of days, because its fun to run :)I rewatched the demo, and I see you are spending one mortar that you dont need to use. Maby it doesnt matter, but how many mortars can the weapon hold. And how many is it possible to have after this level?I think they should be used as a last resort to save lots of time in tough situations.


Anyone interested in helping me see if there is some sort of way of pushing through the slanted rock wall with the pallet, as in the coast_12 wallclip demo? We need to try finding more “big” shortcuts, as in canals_11 etc. :slight_smile:


Im willing to have a go. give me the background info of what you basically want me to try though, as I missed canals_11 i think, and didnt know what was done.


Canals_11 was just an example of a big shortcut. I’ll send you an example of the kind of wallclip I’m talking about on IRC.


i dont have the latest version of hl2 so i cant watch any demos here, so i dont know if you did this or not. i figured out how to jump over that turned over tanker in the furst part of the tunnel instead of going aroud it. just bunnyhop into the broken blue car in fornt of it. but i think u already did this too so please dont consider it a spam i just want to help only a little bit :rolleyes:


yeah, we did that, but well played on thinking of it, i wouldnt have done. (even if it was a little late :smiley: )


hm ok… then il try this. jumping over another tanker in the toxicated section right after u climb out of the second hole. how bout that?