Did Pauly revealed the secret of dog teleporting ?It seems like he registered here but posted nothing




Okay, this is how I think you should try to run this map. (SEE ATTACHED MAP FOR THESE LOCATIONS)Location:S: (Start), This is where you should get Dog to run to before he roars and starts his script sequence. This is right infront of the car the throws.1: This is right after he throws the car. With Chomp’s knowledge of how he could teleport Dog like any other of the NPC’s, we should try to use the red crate (Located in Area R), to teleport him to where he starts the script with the combine car (CCar).2: This is right after Dog has a field day with the CCar. Dog will stand there, roar, look around, and the start running towards the combine door, to open for us. If we can teleport him to the door, this will yield a good time advantage.Check out this hot map I made.


haha, sweet map. Running this map the ordinary style is a lot slower than Paulys route. If we dont find out how he did it this will be a good route I think.


I’m not up to date on my HL2 speed runs, how does that book teleport work?EDIT: Bonk them in the head with a book And also, wheres a link to Pauly’s route?EDIT: http://files.filefront.com/d3_c17_02_pauly…;/fileinfo.htmlHeh, my bad :slight_smile:


the book teleport thing works because the NPC doesnt have anywhere to go (the book cuts off every direction the NPC can walk) and then the NPC skips to its next waypoint.


its magic


Ouch is it really a full minute and half longer without my technique? really thought it only made a 30 second difference.


Yeah your method is a real time-killer! I just hope that Valve haven’t fixed that exploit…





I will decide to recreate my beautiful map for the new run, once Pauly reveals his secret… hint hint nudge nudge**DemonStrate glady waits in anticipation:smiley:


yeah pauly, there is no need for the secrecy, I just want this project done before march or something.


lol, dream on.


pauly, please try and recreate the trick asap and let us know, then we can start running.


Pauly, if you just give us some information to work with, I can at least try to test the crap out of it. I just need some info on how it should/would/could/did work before or will work now.


got 1m16s. up to you guys as to how long you want to wait to see if pauly turns up the goods, so to speak. As far as Im concerned, we can wait, or move on. paulys time is 9s faster if the trick can be reproduced.


His time was based off of him normally running after the door is opened. You guys can at least cut of like another couple of seconds with bunny hop.